There is another thread about Creatine and Betagen...(GRRR I hate that information is spread out all over!!)

Anyways, this is what I wrote last week.

"Oh my - Popeyes is my new favorite store. The guy in there really knew his stuff. I bought the EAS Vanilla Protein stuff, cause it is awesome, then instead of Betagen (which they would have to special order because they think there are better supps out there) I got Kre-Alkalyn (which the guy at the store says is a womans best Creatine because it gives all the benefits but without the swelling/bloating of Creatine....then also I got BCAA's L-Valine, L-Leucine and L-Isoleucine. It is cheaper for me to get the tablets and protein drink than to get Betagen in Canada. I am really impressed with this place Popeyes. He says I can call and get stuff delivered free too. :) He liked that I was doing BFL....they have the BFL book right by their till. Cool.

So I am to take 2tabs of the "Purple-K" (King of Creatine) before I work out, then 2 tabs along with the BCAA's and whey protein AFTEF my workout. The only thing I wont have is the Taurine....and he tells me that is like a booster of energy and it wont be missed with the other BCAA's I am taking.

If anyone has feedback, I am sure interested. I find this part of my health so interesting now. The guy says I will not get jittery or whatever and I can take these supps every day and not overload. Cool."

After one week of taking these supplements, all I can say is the Kre-Alkalyn prior to my workouts is definately noticed and I do believe is enhancing my energy and strength.