CLA and Betagen

  • Great to know figawu. Here in Canada it is $99.00. Crazy...

    Kelly - I just remembered, if you are taking a supplement like Betagen, hit your 10's to make it work for you - repair and restore torn muscle tissues. A supplement alone will not enhance your transformation. (that again may be the reason why others have GREAT success and mediocre success with supplements)

  • Legs C3,

    I thought Canada is the home of cheap meds what is up with that?

  • Figawu - you tell me! It was a huge decision for me to take the stuff. I took good quality EAS Myoplex for 2.1 challenge too, but had to slow to WalMart stuff lately for protein drinks. I am sure the quality is much poorer, but cost is a factor here. For Betagen, I dont think a person can find a product similar and cheaper.

    Do I need it to achieve good results? Maybe not, but it is fun to challenge the body and see where I can get with mine. I still have some goals I want to meet.

  • Legs C3,

     My sister doesn't have very much money and she lives on Walmart protein shakes. She states they taste very good. Does or deliver to canada or no.

    How about this from ebay. Did i just save you some money? I hope so

  • Thanks for that figawu. I will look into them when my supply gets low. :)

  • Do you need to take Betagen with CLA or can you take CLA by itself? Is it ok to take CLA on your first BFL challenge?

  • Laurie, it is absolutely okay to just take CLA. I wish I had taken it also during my first challenge, but I didn't and am now.  Good luck! :)

    You will see some people taking both (I do now), for better results...but if you can only do the CLA, you will still see great results if you push hard!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • What does Betagen and CLA do?  I've never taken supplaments before and I have this insane fear that they will make me gain weight.

  • CabooseNJ, I use both.  

    Betagen which helps with muscle repair/soreness.  Some find that Betagen helps them to lift through the weights easier too.

    EAS CLA helps with fat loss (you do not get side effects as you would like the over the counter fat burners like Hydrocut, etc.).

    Here is the info on Betagen and CLA:

    Betagen -

    EAS CLA -

    You can use these with your first challenge and neither will make you gain weight however, Betagen does give a slight bloat.  I haven't noticed it but for some it does.  I personally think the benefit out weighs the bloat you might get while using it.  In fact it is recommended that if you use Betagen to stop using it about 10 days before your final photos so you get the best "after" photo.

    Remember Betagen and CLA are to benefit you not hinder your efforts.

    Hope this helps.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • discontinued so the betagen link doesn't work, sucks cuz I was gonna order it today :(

    try this for info

    --- Kitty


  • I now take CLA, fish oil, Kre-Alkalyn (which is a form of Creatine that does NOT make me bloat) and BCAA's. All in capsule form. I miss the taste of Betagen, but by taking each one seperately I am saving $$ here.

  • I am thinking of taking some type of supplement this challenge but not sure which. On my last challenge I went from 263 to 223lbs without the use of supplements other than whey protein powder. My goal is to lose more fat and build muscle and am not sure what route to take with supplements. I do not have tons of money to spend on them either so I need to make the choice really count.

    I have read all of the posts about cla and betagen but what about straight HMB? Is this something that will help me reach my goals or is it better to use a product such as betagen that contains some HMB as well as a combination of other supplements?

  • Can you take all 6 capsules at once just to get it out of the way or should you take 2 every couple hours?

  • I take CLA and Betagen. Am finishing week 5 of my first challenge. I really don't know if they're doing anything for me or not, I don't have anything to compare to, but I'm hoping it is doing something. If anything I notice I am able to lift crazy heavy week after week, and I'm thinking that's the Betagen helping. I take the Betagen and CLA everyday.

  • CabooseNJ-NO, do not take all at once, 2 caps with meals generally not around workout time. I take mine at meals 4,5,6.

    Kace2-40#-WOW!! I would recommend the CLA and if you can do the creatine/HMB yes, Legs on here has some concoction she is using now which is geared for women, maybe she can help you out with the names...

    Best wishes to you! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...