Cottage cheese?

  • I eat low fat cottage cheese just about every day. Funny thing is can't stand cot. cheese by itself. I like to mix it with cc/grapes or cc/watermelon or cc/melon or cc/apples. I also mix cc with yogart and blend the mixture together in my Magic Bullet until it is smooth. It tastes like pudding. I also heat up a yam in the microwave and put cc on that. Hope this gives you some variety. All the best.

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  • Hey renee,

    I am actually the cook of the family, so we have to eat what I make in my house lol.  Yesterday I made some homemade tortilla soup. Instead of using actual tortillas I just used some corn masa to thicken it a bit and give it that flavor.  Mostly chicken and veggies :-)

  • and don't forget that lean beef is authorized.  I think this one will keep me from "chickening out."  One local supermarket sells very thin cuts of round steak which I have been playing around with a bit.  I went out the other day and found a good nonstick grill pan and bought it as a treat to myself.  I make up batches at a time carmelizing onions first and then the steak and then some salsa.  I package this up in a container and take out one serving as I need it.

  • I love cottage cheese!!  It's so versitile!  You can mix it with plain yogurt srpinkle some cinnamon on it and add blueberries for a yummy breakfast.  I also Like to eat it with tomatoe and avocado.  It's also great on a salad, you don't need any dressing that way.  I eat it all the time.


  • and don't forget the twice baked potato with cottage cheese.  i nuke a potato until it's tender, split it open, scoop out the potato and mix with cottage cheese and chives or whatever seasoning you like, maybe butter buds too, put it back in the potato and stick it under the broiler until lightly browned.  if you don't want the white potato - try it with a sweet potato or yam.

    also, i say this all the time but i love the cheesy flavor but hate the curds.  so i stick cottage cheese in a blender and make it smooth and creamy.

  • BLUESKAT- Thanks for the twice baked potato idea! I made them last night and they were great!

  • I disliked cottage cheese when i first started body for life. I read the book and bill say it eat it and if bill says something i shall do it. I tried to eat it by itself with and apple and it just didn't tast good. I ended up mixing it with fat free yogurt and i was good to go. I like hood fat free cottage cheese. I think it is the best tasting cottage cheese. Now my kids ask me to make them my special cottage cheese snack which for them is 2 oz of cottage cheese with strawberry yogurt. They are so funny they said dad if there is ever a contest of making the best cottage cheese you would win. Well now i can say i eat my 4oz of cottage cheese alone with an apple for my final meal. Yummy

  • oooh bluescat the potatoes sound good.  I'll try that and play around with some spices.


  • you can also put the cottage cheese in the blender, add the appropriate amount of froen berries, cover the stuff with some crystal light-type drink and whir it up.  it's cold, creamy, and tastes a little like cheese cake.  

  • Sounds great greenrobin! Will have to try that much drink mix do you add?

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  • OK hold the phone here!!!! I feel a panic coming on....I've been mixing 1/2 cup 1% cottage cheese with Yoplait Fat Free yogurt for months thinking it was an authorized meal.  But the yogurt has 20g of carbs, is that too much?????? Please say it isn't so!


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  • KKnCA ~

    You are right on the money. That is actually a solid pick for my meals as well. However, i do enjoy my warm apple with cinnamon for my carb before bed. Mmmmm!

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  • hey, 20 grams is about right for most people.  You just need to watch on the sugar.  if most of the carbs are from sugar, you need to do something else.

  • Blue That sounds YUMMY might have to try that tomorrow as we had plans for Baked P's anyhow :) :)

    I'm still sticking with the Yogurts, but looking for lower sugar contents now. Adding in my own fruit as a carb additive.

  • Sorry it took so long to get back on--the answer to the how much liquid to put on top of the cottage cheese and fruit is that it varies.  I start by covering the cottage cheese/berry mix with the Crystal Light.  Then I whir.  Then I add some more liquid until I think it looks right.

    Really scientific, right?