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    I like the article on this website about the best sources of protein.  I wish there was something like that that said what the best sources of carbs are.  At first I was eating a lot of brown rice, but then I noticed it only has 1 g of fiber per serving.  I like to shoot for at least 20 grams a day of fiber so I started eating whole wheat pasta which has like 6 grams per serving.  Anyway, my question is, in your opinion, which of the authorized carbs is the best, nutrition wise (considering fiber, and fat content, etc)?

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  • HighPoint,

    I try and cycle and mix up the type of carbs I use for my meals. I will use wild rice, WW pasta, whole grains (bulger, oat bran, oatmeal), ww tortillas, yogurt and fruits. Personally I totally avoid all bread because it is a weakness for me and right now I am on a mission to get my 6-pack. (But oh how I love peanut butter and jam sandwhiches!!) I couldn't say what carb is best but I know my body and I feel much better when I eat a variety of foods. Not to mention my wife is a lot happier because I do the cooking in our house and it is hard for a non-BFLer to eat chicken, wild rice and broccoli every night.

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  • Oatmeal

    Brown Rice

    Sweet Potatoes

    BEANS!!!! (Kidney, Red, and Black) Low fat High Fiber

    Get your fiber needs from Veggies.

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  • ooooooooooooooh yeah OATMEAL!

  • most bodybuilders will name the following as best carbs:



    sweet potatoes

  • Thanks for the tips!  Can anyone say *why* the ones you named are the best?  


    Patience, persistence, and hard work pay off.