Bfl breakfast in Alaska!

  • Now that July is over, I have a years supply of red salmon again (canned, frozen, and smoked). So my new favorite breakfast? 3/4C egg white scramble with hash browned yams, onions sauteed in olive oil, and a touch of smoked salmon crumbled all over it. Works perfect in place of bacon bits, which is Not on the food list.


    C1, W7, D45

  • soudsn delicious... except maybe the olive oil not authorized?

  • I would recommend it if anyone has smoked salmon available. You scared me, though about the olive oil, so I rechecked the list. Olive oil is approved as a healthy fat in the Champions BFL book.

  • Yes olive oil is a healthy fat however my original BFL book says to only add this type of healthy fat a couple of times a week. We're not supposed to actively cook with it (unfortunately).

  • I wish I had some smoked salmon  :-(

  • I totally looked at the smoked salmon at Trader Joe's yesterday... dang that stuff is EXPENSIVE!

  • I'm glad you told me about this...I'll have to reevaluate some of my cooking/food choices. The nutrition tab of this website only says to include 1Tbs per day of healthy fats, but doesn't clarify as it does in your book. Cooking for me is like creating a piece of art. I love to creating delicious meals that are healthy.


    Thayer I hear you :(   I always wish the same thing when we run out. It's way too expensive to buy, so we wait until we can catch some and smoke our own.