In Need of Alternate Protien Sources

  • I'm slowly but surely getting my wife in to this WOE. She and I worked out her meal plan and one thing that she is not keen on is the amount of Eggs.

    She has never been a huge Egg person. So on occasion it's OK, but not every morning.

    So today she had a Greek Yogurt, and Whole Wheat Bagel with light amount of butter.

    So the question I have is what other Fast, Easy to prepare Protein items can she have?

    I've seen some adding in Vanilla Protein powder to Oatmeal, so that's on the list. She is already taking shakes for 2 and 4 meals, so not wanting to increase that cost anymore :)

    Any other tips??


    Also Cereal... What is a good choice for a quick breakfast with skim milk? Any fall under the Good Protein and Carb in one bowl? Or are things needed to be added?




  • Only suggestion I have is the good ol' protein pancakes.  Oatmeal, egg white, cottage cheese, a dash of vanilla extract.  Exact recipe is available online.  I make up a week's worth of these on the weekend and refrigerate them in sandwich bags in one portion sizes.  When I want one I microwave it for about 30 seconds add a tablepoon of Polaner all fruit sugar-free preserves (10 calories) and they are delicious.

  • James - Thanks for the reply, we're eyeballing those as well.. I think for now she's going to drink her RTD shake in the AM.



  • Hi Chip!

    I actually had this same question not too long ago- My husband and I are sick of eating cottage cheese and eggs for every snack- I noticed Walmart has some really good deals on powder protein that we toss a scoop onto the top of some dry cereal and milk or even on top of a fruit smoothie and it makes a really great snack!

    Hope this helps!

    Stacy Lynn

  • Hey Chip,

    I'm no vegetarian, but I like to use Tofu.  It comes in many different textures, and it actualy takes on the flavor of what ever you put with it!  I like to sautee it in EVOO with some lemon pepper sprinkled on it.  Sometimes I  chop it up, and other times I leave it in slices.  Then you can mix it with almost anything, but my favorite thing is to mix it with whole wheat or veggie pasta.  It's quick and easy and cheap!  It's very versitle (spelling?) and has alomost no flavor by itself, so be creative.  I find that medium or firm texture works best.