What kinds of Meal Replacements are you all using?

  • So I've been at this for a week. Prior to starting down this WOE, I was using protein shakes after a lift or heavy muscle non-cardio work out.


    So right now I'm taking my Protein shakes 2 times a day. Once for my mid morning meal, and the other for my mid afternoon meal.

    They workout great because I can grab teh shaker and fill with water and I'm all set. I know that mine is LOW in Carbs, so I'm also off setting that lack by eating a couple pieces of wheat toast in the AM< and in the afternoon having a Yogurt.( Yogurt to go BYE BYE after I finish the last 8 I have in fridge, then I'll go fruit only)

    So here's what I'm using?

    Optimum 100% Whey Protein it contains 24 grams of protein, only 2.5 grams of carbohydrates, 1.5 grams of fat and minimal lactose.

    So I know this is an EAS/Abbott Website, but was curious if there is others out there using alternatives to Myoplex? And if not what it the advantages to Myoplex over Whey?



  • Hey Chip, I have tried several options including the whey protein isloate which is supposed to be supped up whey but always come to Myoplex. I love the taste and ease of use. For me it just tastes "clean". I know that is a wierd word to describe it but its the only word I can think that makes me choose myoplex over all the others. I do use the standard myoplex with 42g of protein but I am a big guy, 6' approx 220lbs. I also like myoplex as my last meal of the day. About an hour before bedtime I drink a myoplex and it sits well, no upset stomach and it does not amp me up at all right before bed, it just feels clean.

  • Chip, Aly uses Muscle Milk, they have powders and RTD's. I have not used it before, but I've seen it sold at Wal-Mart. Not sure on the protein/carbs ratio.

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  • Hanzelka,

    Thanks for the feedback. I was just looking at the ingredients for Myoplex vs. 100% Whey and there are differences. I guess from the look of it, the Myo has a Blend of different proteins where the whey is just whey. Also the Myo lites have much more Carbs, 24 vs 3.

    Well I guess I'll have to give some a try and see what I think when I finish this large 10lb bucket of Whey.. :)

    One more Q, I'f I'm in the losing weight phase, 5-10, 277lbs, would I be better going with the Lite? I get so confused with the different versions.


  • When I did my first challenge I wanted to loose weight, that was my main focus. I started using the Lite version. The problem I was so hungry it lead to cheating temptations and I just was low on energy. I spoke with EAS support staff and they told me Lite is specifically made for the ladies or males below 140lbs which is definately not me. The pointed out the 42g of protein is needed to feed those muscles so they can grow and starting burning those carlories when your not working out. I switches to original myoplex and was much happier and had pretty good results.

    I do use the Lite now on my cardio days but it is to save money more than to cut calories. I add the extra calories I miss from drinking the Lite version by eating a handful of almonds on those days.

    Let me know how the Whey goes for you. Keep on going my friend!

  • I use EAS Premium Protein and buy it in 6lb bags at Costco.   It's a blend of soy, caisin and whey.   I will be frank with you that after having the Myoplex and Myoplex Lite, the EAS Premium in taste is no where near as good, but it serves it's purpose and my budget.  Myoplex is a brand, Whey is a type of protein.  I'm guessing that Myoplex also contains Whey as the protein and there is no difference.

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  • Oh and Chip, don't over think this.  Carb (fist sized)+ protein (your weight x 1 gram divided by 6 meals) should keep your hunger at bay.  Lots of water.  No worrying, just trust the process because it works brilliantly.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Debbie, I was looking at those the other day. Hmmm If memory serves me right they are similar to the Myo's in nutrition. They use a blended Protein base, and a variety of vitamins. They also toss in small amount of AA's and Creatine.

    So many choices :) Well from the looks of it, I'll give the Original Myo a try after this go around and see how the next month is on it :)

    Thanks for the input :)


  • Michelle,

    I was actually thinking COST more then anything else... The RTD's are far too expensive for my pocketbook, so I was wondering about other options. I wanted to make sure I was getting the proper goodies, as I've found out that my Drink mIx is ALL PROTIEN no Carbs, where others appear to have both. I'm actually thinking in the long run it would be easier to get a Shake that has Both Carbs and Proteins and I'd have not need to take in extra carbs for that one meal. Your also right as usual.. Myoplex does have Whey, as well as calcium caseinate, milk-protein isolate, sodium caseinate, alpha-ketoglutaric acid, egg albumin, taurine and L-glutamine.

    OK well that was a lot of info LOL sorry to go there LOL

    Thanks for the EAS tip at Costco, will have to check in to that as well :) and YES

    FIST, PALM 6 times, Veggie 2 times, and an OIL.. :) It's now burned deep in my brain :)


  • I picked up Xtreme Power Meal Fuel by BioX, 2 scoops =

    300 Calories

    5 g of Fat

    15 g of Carbs

    5 g Sugars

    48 g Protein

    I was going to mix it with skim milk to up the carbs to about 27 but it'll also up the calorie intake to 380 so I might just stick with using water.

  • Chipster I only buy RTD's occasionally for "OMG I've got to go right now" type emergencies.  I stick with bulk powders.  You could easily mix your present Whey powder with skim milk and be all set on both carbs and protein.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • I've come up with a new combination I really kind of like.  Packet Vanilla Myoplex LITE, 1 scoop Syntrax Nectar Peach, Betagen, L-Glutimine , a little more creatine and some fruit to balance the protein and carbs.  I have it after a workout. 

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  • Yeah price was a big factor in my decision to stick with Myoplex. I tried some walmart brand whey protein shake but it seem like it cost more because the average .75 for the shake and then i had to supplement that with a carb. Where the Myoplex cost me 1.55 a shake when i use to eat whatever i wanted my lunch cost anywhere from $5 - 7. That was for one lunch with that money i can have 4 myoplex. Not to mention myoplex has added vitamin and minerals. Myoplex lite Vitamin C 110% i have not been sick for 3 months. WOOT

  • My Walmart sells the AdvantEDGE carb control shakes for $4.74 for a 4 pack. With tax that is about $1.25 plus a carb per meal. Not too shabby. If you can do the whey protein, rock on! Probably even cheaper.

    Keep the faith!

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  • Stick with 100% whey and add a couple tbsp's of natural peanut butter. You will lose more fat if you eat more fat.