chicken,brown rice,broccoli

  • How can I make chicken, brown rice and broccoli less bland and more delicious and still BFL approved?

  • 6pk-What kinds of spices do you add to your chicken? I found this one that Weber makes-Kickin' Chicken, very good. Also a cajun spice adds some good flavor. I love brown rice just the way it is...have you tried broccoli and cauliflower together? I buy those $1 bags of Wal Mart frozen veggies and steam those. Also the huge bags of stir fry veggies, those are good.

    Hope this helps! =)

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  • Spices are the way!  Just watch, some spice mixes contain too much salt and sugar.  Things like garlic and onions are awesome.

    Some of my favorite chicken add-ons:

    a bit of salsa





    Not all together of course  :)

    I eat alot of lean beef (london broil that is trimmed of fat or top round) that has been grilled and sliced thin on whole wheat pasta with a bit of fat free/low sugar pasta sauce.

  • 6packmission,

    Dice up a small onion and put it right in with your brown rice, and cook them together.  The onion adds so much flavor!


  • The spice cabinet is your friend!  We have a local spice shop and we stocked up on tons of low(er) sodium blends and rubs (but yes watch out for sugars).  We'll use BBQ rubs (there is a great Red Rocks Hickory which is awesome in flavor).  Lemon and rosemary (like James mentioned) and he also mentioned mustard... a good jalapeno mustard or a nice stone ground mustard adds lots of flavor.  Maybe try some balsamic vinegar (a little goes a long way and adds tons of flavor... we'll also use that with our veggies like brussel sprouts, asparagus or roasted cherry tomatoes).

    A chicken/brown rice/veggie combo that we occasionally use (as a matter of fact... it is on the menu for tonight) is Chicken rubbed with cumin, paprika, garlic powder, cayenne pepper... brown rice cooked in a low sodium chicken broth with a few black beans and some onion for flavor and you've got a great Latin America flavored dish with tons of flavor.   Pair a portion of each with some roasted cherry tomatoes lightly drizzled with balsamic vinegar for a veggie.

    I used to get really bored with chicken... because I would do just a broiled/grilled chicken w/ brown rice, salt & pepper and there is just no flavor there.  Don't be afraid of spices... just keep an eye out on sodium and sugar and you'll be fine and can really let your imagination and creativity run wild with chicken.  =)

  • brobar, You are making me hungry! Haven't had breakfast yet!! lol! Thanks for the tips!

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  • hehe Debbie... after I re-read that my mouth started watering as well.  =)  I've got another hour and a half before breakfast... UGH... time for a piece of Extra gum and some water to hold me over 'till then.  =)

  • 6packmission - try squeezing some lemon on your broccoli.

    If you do a google search for poultry rubs, you'll find a ton of recipes and that way you can control what's in the rub. If you have a local farmers market, their spices are usually fresher and cheaper.

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  • The mustard garlic aoili from trader joe's makes anything delicious (its not a true aoli  like a mayo one its really just mustard)

  • Spice it up, cut the chicken into strips and make a stir fry with more than just broccoli as the vegetable :D


    Or, you can skip out on the brown rice, and have a chicken/broccoli pita with a little salsa.

  • Don't forget there are other grains out there besides brown rice. Try some barley or quinoa.

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  • I really like the garlic version of Mrs. Dash! You can use it on almost anything and it adds a lot of flavor! Also, try some spicy or dijon mustard on your chicken. It is really great! Try adding the Mrs. Dash to the brown rice while it is cooking and it adds a lot of flavor! Hope this helps! Good luck!!