Strawberris? How Many/Much?

  • So I'm eating Mid-day meal, and having 7 oz of Chicken, 2 cups of Salad, and a cut up some fresh Strawberries as my Carb.

    So how much or how many med - large strawberries is good for Carbs??





  • Chip-Maybe go for about 8-12?? you can Google if you'd like, I did once cause I was trying to find carb content as well as calories and if you are using the iphone app it might come in useful.

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  • Thanks for the info.

    I looked at my fist and said well it's a carb and the fist is probably 6-8 strawberries, so went with 7 :)


  • Chipster,

    Strawberries are one of if not THE lowest carb fruit there is.  You could easily get away with 1 cup of cut up strawberries.  They are also high in fiber too.

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  • Chip,

    If you're not familiar with it, this is a wonderful website.

    You type in the food you want and it gives you several choices. Pick the one you're having and it will tell you everything you need to know. You can customize portion sizes ie. one cup, 100 grams etc. and it gives you gram weights. So if you know you need a cup of strawberries it will tell you that one cup of halved strawberries weighs 152 grams (I love to weigh things) and is 11.67 carbs.

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  • Thanks for the Info BigDog. I bookmarked the site and will check it out. Even like the fact it has some brand names, and fast food info :)