Question about Greek Yogurt and Pp.

  • Just to make sure.. If I eat Fage total 0% nonfat, it has 7g Carbs, and 15g protein. How much Pp. should I add?

    Also.. The Oikos brand has 21g of protein, so this one should be eaten without the Pp. right? Thank you!

  • It is my understanding that per meal should be 20g carbs 20g protein

  • Monasasha,

    You would need to know how much protein is in your powder.  I took the scoop in my protein powder and figured out how many TBSP were in one scoop (which is a serving for mine).  Then did some simple math to figure out how many gms of carbs and how many gms of protein were in each TBSP of my low carb protein powder.  One TBSP of my low carb protein powder has approx. 5gms protein and 0.5 gms carbs.  If I added one TBSP to your Fage yogurt, I have 7.5gms carbs and 20gms protein.  I would add a few berries to increase the carb content with the fage yogurt.

    If Oikos has 21 gms of protein, I would not add any PP to it.