in place of cottage cheese?

  • I just cannot eat cottage cheese .. makes me gag!   Any ideas what to use in place of it for protein? I see it's used a lot for snacks that are on the eating plan suggestions.

  • I just drink a protein shake.  Twinlabs has a really good chocolate one that's 140 calories, 5 carbs, 2 sugars and 1-2 grams fat, muscle milk light is also really good.  I drink that and eat a banana or strawberries, or you can blend in the fruit super yummy!

  • also i wonder if it is the texture that you don't like? Alot of times foods we don't like is because of the texture. I personally hate beans because they are MUSHY. If it is the texture I'm wondering if you might like it if you run it through a food processor to make it smooth.  Just a though.

  • What about Greek yogurt? I first started with that in my first challenge, mix it with some fruit and you've got your meal. A tad bit expensive so I don't get it that often. I use the Oikos brand, vanilla.

    Have you tried blending yogurt in with the CC? I used a magic bullet with that before and it was good, now I've grown accustomed to just mixing the two and kids hate it when I do that! One food I KNOW they'll stay away from in the fridge! lol!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • I have blended my cc with protein cubes a bit of water and sometimes a tsp of sugar free pudding, like butterschot, chocolate...ect to vary and have that....

  • thanks for the ideas everyone!