Veggies as carbs..

  • I love veggies, and always figured that if I ate veggies they were kind of "free" (I guess from my weight watchers days)

    I find veggies more staisfying than pasta  or rice, generally. If I'm relaly hungry, can I skip the pasta and have more broccoli, zucchini, carrots, etc with my protein?



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  • O I'm glad you posted this! I am transitioning off of a very low carb high fat controlled calorie WOE.  Also I am pretty much a paleo eater so I do NOT DO GRAINS. at all . (sadly corn is a grain but that is also a veg carb though not one that I eat)

    Transitioning into BFL Way of Eating I am choosing ALL of my carbs from the veg options.  I am using yams & cooke carrots and I also count peas as carbs.  I microwave the yams and mash them with artiificial sweetener and cinnamon for me one serving size is about 3/4 of a cup (about the size of my fist)

    Another favorite veg carb for me is canned pumpkin (plain organic cookecd canned pumpking from whole foods) I'll mix this with my cottage cheese and cinnamon for my protein carb combo or mix it with yogurt and cottage cheese (maxes a perfect BFL small meal)

    I do 1/2 cup of cooked carrots or 1/2 a cup of peas.  Mix that with my meat (lean ground beef or ground turkey ***).  So far this new way of eating is putting my carbs up to about 100g per day still maybe low for BFL but I'm *almost* eating carbs with each small meal (still working up to this but making progress)

    I am also dabbling into some fruit I go for low glycemic ones like melon or berries and do these with cottage cheese as my protein.

    FOR ME I am choosing the vegetables listed in the book as CARBS

    Vegetables listed as Vegetables are much lower carb count and I'm eating those twice a day.

  • I would look at the food list on the web site to check which carbs are starchy enough to be counted as such-

    The reason that you need a carb and a protein every meal is because the carbs help to break down the protein. You will need some form of carbs with every meal.

    Also, probably not a good idea to skip out on whole grains- they provide iron, vitamins and minerals, as well as aid digestion ( and breakdown of protein). You'll see a lot of people talk about oatmeal, whole-wheat breads, etc., because your body needs them- skipping out on them won't help you lose weight faster.

    Just my opinion. Hope this helps.


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  • I don't believe that human beings should eat grain. Cavemen didn't.  Just my opinion.  There are plenty of vegetable options listed under carbs in the book.

  • Cavemen didn't eat grains and look what it got them.  Where are the cave people now?

    OK really just kidding.  

  • Good point LOL.  I guess I'd say look what grains have done for modern humans.  I believe the first obese society was the egyptians.  Also the first grain cultivators.  Anyways its not important really. I'm just speaking up for the paleo community.  BFL is TOTALLY possible for Paleo eaters which I think is awesome.  The list of carb options in the book includes enough delicious vegetable/root options to choose from.