Need "freezing" advice :)

  • My husband and i were talking last night about how "safe" my chicken is if i cook it on Sunday night and am still eating it on Friday afternoon.  He suggested freezing some of the meals but i am not comfortable/knowledged enough about freezing to know how to do it right.

    If anyone who is currently "freezing" has any advice i would be great apprecited for any and all - please be specific :)  ie - do you freeze just the meat or the whole meal etc etc.


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  • I agree with your husband.  I have a 4 day fridge limit on all food I cook.  I cook a whole weeks worth, put it in ziploc bags.  I keep enough in the fridge for 2 days and freeze the rest.  On Wednesday morning, I take two more days worth.

    I freeze everything except veggies.  I eat them as fresh as possible.  I freeze all cooked meats & brown rice.  I even freeze baked mashed sweet potato as well.

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