Really Helpful Tool

  • Because I'm new to the protein, carb, veggie portioning, I was having a hard time knowing if I was getting the proper amounts of each category, and whether I was getting the proper nutrients, etc. while not exceeding the 1500 cals I should be getting daily. 

    So, I've gone back to a great tool at  On the right hand side, in the menu bar, is "My Health Tracker."  You can sign up for it for free, no strings attached.  It allows you to enter individual foods and serving sizes and then it calculates calories, breakdown of fat/cholesterol/etc., and even graphs protein vs. carbs vs. fats. 

    I am entering my next day's meal plan the night before so that I know if it meets all my needs before the day begins.  Takes a little time, but takes the guesswork out of it.  Here was today's menu:

  • That's pretty cool! I purchased one of those "BodyBugg" armband thingies with the online food/activity calculater like they have on "The Biggest Loser". I find it is SO helpful to enter all my planned foods ahead of time, and then I can look and see what I can tweak.  I am such a total nerd about the planning, I love it!

  • I am only a week into this but I thought we aren't supposed to be worry about  counting calories? Just following the eating plan.

  • You don't have to track calories but I do add them a few times a week just to make sure I'm getting enough.  I tend to not eat enough.  I'm in week 12 (YAY!) and this is the first week I haven't calculated calories at all.  But if you are eating the right foods at the right portion sizes then calorie counting is not necessary.

  • Keeping track in this much detail isn't totally necessary, but I like keeping track in more detail.  If I'm aiming at 20 grams of protein and 20 grams of carbs per meal, how do I know if I've succeeded?  And the calories are helpful to know because a calorie deficit is necessary to lose any weight.  So, it's not absolutely essential  - you'll still hit the target.  I just want to hit a bullseye on the target and this always helps me, with no fudging on the meals/portions.

  • Wow Rjwak2003!!!  

    Thanks for the info on the health tracker from!!!!  Great tool!  Love it and plan to use this all the time!  


  • OOps!  my hubby hadn't logged out so it wasn't Joe who posted to Rjwak2003, it was Gypsy!