Steel Cut Oats

  • I bought new Oats, steel cut oats, turns out the ratio of oats are not created equal. Just a reminder for everyone to check portions/measurements when trying a new product. Old old fashioned oats portion was 1/2 cup, new steel cut oats portion is a little less than 1/4 cup. Equally tasty.  Funny difference though is steel cut oats closely resemble the chicken scratch/food we buy at the farm store.....hmmmm...maybe I should check the feed stores ingredient label,



  • I always wondered what the difference in steel cut oats was...

    So, does the different measure cook up to the same portion size or is that the nutrition info?

    --- Kitty


  • The difference seems to be the shape. Steel cut oats appear to be thicker and diced (like micro hashbrowns) unlike regular oats that are thin and sliced.(like pepperoni). So when measuring there is less air space with steel cut. The portion and flavor ends up the same after cooked.