Easy eggs tip

  • It is cheaper to buy eggs than the cartons of egg substitute but I don't always have time and energy to seperate egg yolks from whites. I do this prep work ahead of time, just like making a ton of chicken and cottage cheese pancakes.

    I take the shaker cups that I use for quick protein or myoplex shakes, they cost less than $2 each and work great, and separate 1-2 dozen eggs keeping the ratio of yolks to whites between 3-5 whites for every one yolk. Put it together and keep in the fridge. It is just as easy as grabbing the cartons and pouring it in the pan only I control exactly what goes in it.  Perfect for scrambled or omelets.

    Sometimes I put a splash of skim milk and a few drops of worscheshire sauce in it but usually just the eggs.

    --- Kitty


  • Great tip!! Thanks Kitty!


  • Great idea!  Will have to try that!


  • It has saved me many mornings and dollars, hope it does the same for you and you are quite welcome!

    --- Kitty


  • I can't wait to try this!!!

    Live   Love   Lift!

    Dee :)

  • That's a great tip!  Every day or two I'm separating 4 egg whites and mixing them in with 1 whole egg to make my scrambled eggs in the morning but doing it ahead of time (like on my off day) would probably be quite the time saver throughout the week.

    Do you still do the same measurements as the carton (I believe 1/4 cup to mean 1 egg) when measuring it out?

    Also... a quick question and I have no idea... do eggs lose any of their shelf life after they have been cracked and exposed to air?  I doubt they would spoil that much quicker so it is probably moot if you use them quickly.

    I think I'm gonna give that a try.

    I would say the ONE true advantage of the carton egg substitute over this method would be that they are pasteurized so if you wanted to throw a raw one in your shake for some extra protein / texture you could get away with that where I wouldn't suggest doing that with a raw egg from the carton.  Other than that though... I see that being a great method that I'm gonna employ.