• Can we eat them? My Brother-n-law gave two big bags full of fresh oysters, they are not on the list I have.

  • Hmmm, they don't look absolutely horrible.  This is info for one cup of raw oysters.  Like all of the proteins we use, it depend on how they are prepared.  Also they are not as protein dense as some other choices and almost a third of the calories are from fat.

    You can search for nutrition data of various foods at http://www.nutritiondata.com/facts/finfish-and-shellfish-products/4189/2  and make your decisions.

    Like many food choices there are bad, good, better and best depending on your goals.  Maybe just save these for free day if that is possible.


  • That’s a great link, thank you for posting that. I have fresh still in the shell Pacific oysters. I will bake them in the oven and then crack the shell open and eatum up. I was planning on just having maybe 2-3 with a smaller portion of salmon and some rice.

     My goals are lose weight and build muscle. Im 9 weeks in and have been losing the fat but still have a bit to go on my stomach (man that’s @#$%* to get rid of). I plan on jumping right back into another 12weeks when I am done and hope to be able to concentrate on muscle gain primarily.