Calories and Macros On This Plan

  • Hi again all,

    Just wondering if people have worked out what this food plan, if followed per week 1 let's say, comes down to calorie count and macro wise.

    Is it same for men and women? Other programs adjust portions between the genders. If anyone's been at it long enough to calculate, I'd love some feedback.



  • N1na - This program is not only adjusted between genders, but individually.  There are woman who should eat a more typical "man's" portion, and the opposite.  The macros are dependent on you.  Take your scale weight, not lean body weight, but scale.  (please note that if over 300 pounds there's a different way to calculate).  If sub 300, take your scale weight, and for each pound you have 1 gram of protein and 1 gram of carb.  We now know calories don't work as precisely as we once thought, but let's go with it. 

    Each gram of protein has 4 calories.  Each gram of carb has 4 calories.  The "average" woman is 150#.  That's 600 calories in protein, and 600 calories in carb per day.  That totals 1200.  Don't forget the fats, which are essential.  It's a 40-40-20 plan.  Fats are then 300 calories (each gram is 9 calories), with a total of 1500 calories for the "average" woman at 150#. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Horrible advice. Please don't listen to her.

    If a woman is 240 lbs scale weight. You think she should eat 240g protein.....uh no. Body fat is metabolically dead ie inactive. She will be eating  excess protein that her body won't use.

    N1na27- everyone's body is different , so if you want a good place to start, start here.  Get your body fat tested. So that you will know your lean weight.

    Protein 1g/lb LBM

    Carbs .8g/lb LBM

    Fats .45g/lb LBM

    This will give you a base of something individualized. Understand that the original BFL book was written in the 90's during the low fat diet fad.

    Also meal frequency is irrelevant. Hit your macros in as many meals that is sustainable long term for you with your daily schedule.

  • The advice is directly from EAS.  

    Meal frequently is not irrelevant, because to look at it exclusively from a caloric intake perspective is shortsighted.  It's also about insulin, the regulation of different brain chemicals, like Serotonin, as well as keeping your furnace running steady.  

    Having it be all about marcos is Weight Watchers.  This is not Weight Watchers.  This is Body-for-LIFE.  Those giving accurate and responsible advice here will follow the plan set forth by BFL, not WW.  

    I am personally taking in a higher amount of dietary fat, and have blogged on that, advocated for it, etc, for many years.  I'm even doing some Paleo now.  That being said, again, this is BFL.  This is not Body by Charlie or Weight Watchers.  

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  • Weight watchers doesn't do macros LOL

    Jessica, you get that shredded 8pack yet?

  • Keeping your furnace running steady....still spitting out broscience huh lol

  • WW does essentially work on macros.  LOL.  The points aren't based on magic.

    And I did get a pretty tight 6 pack, Charlie, though that's not the point.  The point here is to help someone who came for advice on how to understand and regain their health & fitness. It's not about you... nor me, and I'm not interested in a pissing match.  My advice is solid.  If someone is unsure then they should call EAS directly and get additional support.  It's also good to go through before and after photos of people who did the BFL Challenge, and gain information about what they did.  I would put my results up against just about anyone's.  

    It's not at all broscience to keep the furnace running, which is why there's a science to what proteins are best post-workout, and before bed, etc.  It would help you, Charlie, to learn the science, how to read a scientific study, and where to find reputable information.  Talking.  Trying to smack people down.  Being disruptive.  Being rude.  These things have been part of you for too long.  I'm not judging you.  I used to be like you, but then I Crossed the Abyss, and transformed.  I wish you the same.  


    1-800-297-9776, 8:30am-5:00pm Monday through Friday EST

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • You crossed the abyss. Are you an eas rep now?

  • Dear N1na,

    I am on Week-8 and down about 13 lbs from 195.0 to 183.2 (as of Sunday), plus I have gained muscle mass. I do not count calories, but I am aware of what I am consuming.  I do eat six times a day.

    Here are my 7 Week Progress Pictures:

    Here is a typical day for me.

    Wake up at 6:00 am. I quickly down a glass of water and hit the gym in my garage. Then post workout I drink another glass of water.

    Sometime around 7:30 - 8:00 is breakfast. Typically I have an Egg Beater omelet with spinach, a half an avocado, and a small Beef Stake tomato from my garden. Another glass of water.

    10:00 am: EAS shake or a  bar. I have been using the lite kind with 17 grams of protien.

    12:30 pm Lunch: It various, but one of my favorites is a piece of salmon with baby tomatoes (around 10), and veggies (carrots and celery). Glass of water.

    3:00 pm: A shake or a bar with an apple.

    6:00 pm:  A Dream Dinner portion. Dream Dinners is a meal preparation service. Not all the meals I consume here are considered BFL friendly. Honestly, many times I probably consume a little more fat and/or cars than a typical BFL meal. However, the food comes in good portions and I do not over eat.

    9:00 pm: I have a shake before going to bed.

    I hope that helps.


    Dan McLellam

  • And Jessica, go ahead and teach us. We all wanna learn.

  • Well Jessica, what you states above surely isn't from the original BFL book. I would like to at least get a link for these studies you speak of.


  • What Jessica is referring to and the information she is getting from EAS is nothing more than a rehash  false old school bodybuilding advice.

    Jessica answer me this question and please try to do it without having your brainwashed EAS brain on(its really is like a religious cult thing with you)

    Why would an a overweight women who needs to lose alot of fat and create a deficet need to eat more than a women thats in shape and doesn't need to create a deficet?

    If you really think about it the logical and sane thing to do its to eat the least when you have the most to lose and taper up your calories and exercise volume as you approach maintenance

    From your logic and the advice you get from EAS a fat overweight women of 250lbs who has never exercised in her life should be eating more calories than a male fitness model of 190lbs who has 10lbs to lose to a photoshoot, its CRAZY when actually think about it

    Now im not going to dish bodyforlife, if you can stick to it, its healthy and will get results but the 6 meal a day thing is dead but if you want to stick to it please do it will get you results but not at 2500 calories a day

    To any women how there that wants to follow bodyforlife and get champion style results heres what I recommend

    1. Use bill phillips right light shake as oposed to myoplex , its packed with nutrients and is very low in calories only 130 per serving

    2. dont eat more than 1000 calories a day until you are 10lbs away from perfect shape, then you can bump it up to 1500

    3.skip the freeday and have only 1 cheat meal a week

    heres a days eating

    7.00-m1 rightlight shake

    9.30-m2-cup of lowfat cottage cheese and 1 apple

    12.00 m3-turkey sandwich using wholewheat bread,side salad

    3.00-m4-rightlight shake

    5.30-m5 salmon,half a baked potato and veg

    9.00-m6 rightlight shake

    thats about 1000-1200 calories, even very overwweight men go use this diet at the very beginning

    Now I personally believe there are better and more sustainable ways to get in shape than bfl these days, but this is a bfl site so I need to have respect

  • Doesnt this guy look like he knows what hes talking about, listen to what he says about 6 meals a day

  • FightingFit (formally 6PackMission) ~

    I was just thinking about you the other day!

    You seem so angry when you come here.  Have you asked yourself about that?  What do you care what I believe?  When you can show me your advice works then let's discuss.  I've proven what the BFL program can do.  You've only proven that anger gets you no where. 

    I'm sorry.  I don't mean to be a jerk, but this has gone too far. 

    For the record...

    1. I have undertaken the laborious task of moving all my filed "stuff" to Evernote.  As a result, until it's straight, all is in crazy disarray.  I'm happy to share studies with you from reputable journals, such as the New England Journal of Medicine.  Right now I'm obsessed with studies.  Some are such crap.  Who funded it? Why?  Did they read into it what they wanted?  The China Study for instance, is something I can't say here, but it's not good. 

    2. I didn't answer Charlie because interacting with him provides no benefit to my life, and I would imagine anyone's... at least here. Also... I broke a promise by bothering at all.  The day over a year ago that he disrespected the late Mike Harris I told him I was done.  No one messes with Uncle Mike! 

    3. Charlie's question is actually answered in BFL, making his statement more LOL worthy, but I don't have the time nor inclination to laugh AT him. He's quite knowledgeable.  I'd far prefer work WITH him to help people.  Right now he has no interest in helping people, and that's where I've put my energy, in helping.  Stupid guestbook fights don't help people regain their health, only run from the forum, and a source of potential inspiration and information for their journey.  Respectful debate is entirely different.  I will still have faith that Charlie will Cross the Abyss, because he has a lot to share. 

    4. The answer to your question is actually very simple.  Generally (seriously... only generally) speaking, you eat for the body you have, not the one you want, and eat with the one you want in mind.  I started my journey at 189.  Do you really think "that" girl could have eaten for my 115? No!  Oh, and the male fitness model would have a figure athlete leading up to competition diet for those 10 pounds, which is different from BFL.  Normally speaking that fitness model would have more than that woman by virtue of an additional carb portion with his 1st 3 meals... on the BFL plan.  You should re-read BFL!  I'm not saying I would maintain with all the extra carb, but I've given you a BFL by the book answer. 

    5. FightingFit -I'm sorry, but at least Charlie has useful and mostly accurate information AND IS LIVING IT, which I'll never take away from him.  Yes, I said it.  I don't actually disagree with most ofwhat Charlie says.  My nutrition is now macro based, and I've changed my proportions, and am eating a lot more dietary fat, and GASP, nor do I bother with 6 meals a day.  I eat when I'm hungry, and generally in some sort of intervals, though am not rigid about it.  I have to have more meals, and my issue with multiple vs few with the same calorie content is with insulin and seratonin, not weight loss.  I have PTSD from an accident.  Studies on soldiers have shown keeping these things regular, with having complex carbs in intervals is the best way to ward off an episode.  Even in with someone without that challenge, the insulin factor matters, and especially if there's a struggle with anxiety or depression.  My issue is in how it's presented by Charlie, the timing, and the conflicts.  Do a BFL Challenge AS WRITTEN.  1st get down the FOUNDATION.  All these tweaks only create what brought someone here in the first place.  I am blogging on that soon, and actually think the cited science I'm using Charlie won't find objectionable.  I do have some differences in that I think it matters not just what you DO have, but also what you NEED, but the basics on fat and macros... Charlie and me... two peas in a dysfunctional pod. Oh, and I'm not even opposed to intermittent fasting or carb cycling.  I think Tom Venuto is awesome, and very credible.  That being said, there's far more ways to do that wrong, and potentially dangerously wrong than right.  It's also not something that can be applied to all.  Again... people come here to embrace a simple plan that can easily be explained, understood, followed, and we can troubleshoot.  Save the cycling for when you're doing a figure athlete competition.  I'm not even saying we can't discuss those things, but in the context of understanding 1st the foundation of BFL.  You're all over the place, 6PackMission. 

    6. FightingFit - I am more than capable of giving women advice on how to get championship results.  If you only knew the back-story on why that's especially so.  My results speak for themselves, and respectfully, yours do not. 

    7. I'm sure you can find someone who did all sorts of things and look great.  What people coming here need, for their 1st BFL Challenge, at least, is a clear and simple plan that they can easily troubleshoot. You are not helping. 

    You have shown nothing but disrespect to BFL and EAS, FightingFit.  That upsets me.  I am so grateful to this community, BFL, EAS, and think that respect should always be shown to a company so invested in OUR health.  You know what's worse... how much you disrespect yourself by playing this game.  Take care of yourself first. Do it for yourself!  Don't do it to "show me".  Do it because you think you have the knowledge and want the health and fitness, so do it for you. 

    And if showing me is the way to go then I renew my challenge to you, FightingFit.  I can still get down another 10 and maintain, or 15 for a hot photo shoot.  I'll do another challenge.  Let's compete!  Take me up on my offer this time.  Show me you know what you're talking about and I will shut up immediately after publicly congratulating you. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • I think jessica's results speak for themselves, and me being a "newbie" don't need any advice at the moment which will steer me off course, at least for 12 weeks.

    My success is your success.