just started have questions

  • hubby and i just started yesterday he wants orange juice i id i didnt think so but wasnt sure any help appreciated thx truckingnana

  • Orange juice is good for you in genral, but I would suggest just eating a regular orange. Food calories fill you up more than liquid calories. So if your husband really wants to drink orange juice, that's okay. As long and he only drinks one serving (1 cup), and has a really good protein source to go with that.

  • I just signed up today and saw something I thought was strange when reading the Foods list; There are no fruits of any kind listed. I'm not sure what that means. I would think any variety of fruit, in raw form and in moderation, would be acceptable.

  • There are strawberries, melon, apples and oranges listed as complex carbs. They would serve as a potion along with a protein portion as one of your meals?

  • I would suggest the more pure orange juice with out all the extra sugar and perhaps the one with the calcium as an added bonus (simply pure perhaps).

  • What about condiments?  like vinegar for salad dressing, mustard, etc???

  • Of course you can drink orange juice. Count your macros.

  • Orange juice is not an authorized BFL food.  It's significantly higher in sugar and also has the added issue of the lack of the fiber you get from having an orange.  Counting macros is good in conjunction with eating on the BFL plan, not in lieu of it.  That would make it not BFL.  

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