• I have a food allergy to eggs, which is making it hard for my morning meals. Does anyone have any suggestions on a different protein that I can eat in the mornings besides eggs? I want to make sure I'm eating everything right, so that I am doing the program right. Any help would be appreciated thanks. 

  • Fat free cheese, cottage cheese, fat free greek yogurt, low fat turkey bacon, left over meat from the night before, protein powder.

  • Chicken sausage is really good too!

  • what type of fat fat greek? does it have to be plain or is there a brand that offers some kind of flavor that is ok? If it is just plain--any suggestions on giving it a little flavor?

  • I have been doing a low fat yogurt and two slices of healthy turkey bacon. its yummy and its satisfys me until i have my mid morning snack, which has been thus far a low fat cottage cheese, berry flavor. Again this ties me over until lunch time. Where i try to get my veggies in, i have  a large salad with what ever veg i like, i add meat to it. I know the sodium in the low fat meat is not good, its like 300grms, but i will worry about that after i get the food thing under control. Supper time i have something i like, but prepared healthy. then after supper after workout i have either a low fat yogurt, or a fruit or some veggies. or a boiled egg minus the yolk, but you  cant have the egg. hope this helps. I dont eat a whole lot of eggs, but they are conveneint for protein at times.

  • Hi Corndog! I am also allergic to eggs so my most common meal for breakfast is Myoplex! I use the BFL "eating for life" book and there are a lot of yummy shake recipes. Otherwise, I eat oatmeal with a scoop of protein powder.  Hope that helps!

  • Yes that does help thank you

  • Please remember a few things:

    Fat-free cheese is not an authorized protein source.  It really has very little value.  The only cheese mentioned in BFL is cottage cheese.  

    Most all recipes in EFL are ironically not BFL approved.  It was published after Bill no longer had the rights to BFL.  Watch out for things like those shake recipes.  Even EFL says that most are more a "treat", and not balanced.  

    Go with plain Greek yogurt and add flavor from there in the form of an extract, cinnamon (my favorite), mixing with a few berries, or even some approved salsa.  

    I don't mean to come here and be negative.  Let's work together to find viable options that will best serve your goals.  

    I'm a big fan of a shake in the morning to get me going.  One can certainly do this without eggs.  How about some salmon, which for many is a breakfast food, and steel cut oats?  Maybe diced chicken, with some Greek yogurt and some oatmeal?  

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  • Are peaches and blueberries ok to add in to the yogurt or should I stick to strawberries and oranges

  • If to Greek yogurt, yes.  Blueberries are arguably, calorie for calorie, the best possible fruit option.  If to regular yogurt, no, but only because then you're adding carb to a carb.  

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  • I was going to add the fruit to the Greek yogurt. Can you eat peaches as well or are they a no? Thanks for all the help by the way.

  • Yes, you can eat peaches.  :)

    I used to get into the fruit arguments... they are dumb, those arguments.  Sure.. island fruits like mango, papayas, bananas, etc, are higher in sugar.  You know what?  Just keep it to the right portion.  I like to be precise, but I assure you that peach over blueberries, for instance, won't kill a contest.  :)

    Once someone is in their last month and super close to goal... okay, then for the sake of that, but until... enjoy those authorized things you like, in authorized portions.  ... not that a peach is even a bad choice.  I love em'. 

    And you are so very welcome. 

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  • Oikos, Fage, Dannon makes a good one too. Flavor ones are ok, just make sure you keep an eye on the sugar content .

  • It's rare that I'll eat dairy anymore, but if eating Greek yogurt, which would be my dairy exception, (even though I don't particularly like it), it's usually plain Fage I'll choose, and because of superior nutritional data.  I have yet to see a flavored one that is okay.  Maybe on occasion, but don't make it a habit. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!