My nutrition and how to design your body for like. My take

  • After losing 130+ plus lbs I wanted to type up my thoughts and what I've experienced.  Reading the original bfl  book it was a good grasp on the basics. The further I did the program I came across some issues. 

    1. Sometimes you get those cravings but it's only Tuesday 

    2. The more I read about nutrition the more I realized that I want eating enough fat. 

    3. And like some people, I also did experience with my job and just socially, eating 6 meals a day was a chore. Plus I hate eating like a bird. 

    So in reading about nutrition it is to be personalized because we all have different amounts of lean mass and fat mass, diff height, etc. 

    so the first part in just speaking to people at EAS was telling me about protein in grams. I mean that's standard. Most will say 1g/lb of body weight, but I found since starting at such a heavy weight, 351 lbs (48%) bf that going by lean weight was much more ideal, not to mention I'd be wasting protein eating 351 grams. 

    So I came to this question of thought. 

    If nutrition is to be personalized and we are all different, if protein is essential to the body and that is determined by our lean mass, then certainly 1 tbsp of oil or 3 portions of salmon isn't enough to meet our  daily fat requirements.  I came to the conclusion that eating around 25-30g of fat a day wasn't enough. 

    Now for food choices.  I did drink myoplex in the beginning, but grew tired of supplements and wanted real food. After all we have a digestive system designed to break down food, not lab produced shakes that are predigested. My choices were egg whites, oats, apples, chicken breast, tilapia, salmon, spinach, green beans, asparagus, olive oil etc. 

    the cravings for other foods occurred here and there and yes that's what the free day was for, but I found myself having these cravings mid week and after fighting it for over a year, I simply came to this conclusion. 

    If I really want my own body for life, that means I'm gonna have to be consistent and this is what was easiest for me to adhere to without feeling like I was always struggling. 

    I personalized my nutrition. Meaning every day I had a macronutrients target of protein, carbs and fats to eat.  So. If I wanted some BBQ sauce on my chicken and let's say that is 17g carbs in it, then as long as it fit within my carbohydrate total for the day, I could eat it. 

    Keep in mind, I didn't use this as a excuse to eat junk, but it was far easier daily to fit some food choices in while still seeing results weekly. 

    A lot of my first meals were egg whites, and old fashioned oats. That's very by the book.  But I had some of my 1st meals where I made pancakes. And no not some bodybuilder example of pancakes mixed with whey. I used aunt jemima pancake mix with real maple syrup. Bacon too.  Plus after Working legs, doing squats, lunges, dead lifts etc, the pancakes and syrup got used up quickly!

    The majority of my meals were lean protein, natural carbs like apples, oats, potatoes, brown rice,  green vegetables  and healthy fats. But I allowed myself to feel normal, you know I'd mash a potato but add in 90g of sour cream,, some bacon. So good and I never was cheating or blowing my nutrition.  It made it effortless to stay on the plan, get results and not feel deprived. 

    I also ate fewer meals. Typically 4 a day. There's been so much talk about  meal frequency and it just got to be so difficult to adhere to 6 a day. Plus I like eating my meals hot and fresh. I can't tell you how many times I ate cold chicken, brown rice and green beans in the middle of work. Not the best let me tell you lol. 

    So basically, you gotta be consistent and this I was able to adhere  to. Oh and if someone wants to know the way I designed my nutrition was I started with 1g/lb of lean weight for protein, .4g/lb of lean weight for fats and filled in the rest with carbs at 250g a day. And he's there were times I had to adjust, the first thing I adjust would be to cut on some carbs. So I'd adjust slowly, from 250g to 225g etc.

    we all have different schedules and some people  love eating 6 meals a day, but maybe 3 is easier to sustain. Maybe some people need to be strict and eat the egg whites and oats, plain chicken and plain brown rice. That's cool. But maybe being more flexible is easier to sustain for some.

    My fat loss never stopped or slowed down from eating fewer meals and in fact I enjoyed my food more :)

    it his post isn't to tell you one way is better than the other. Just offering my experiences on how I lost all the bodyfat, added 8 lbs of lean muscle and kept it off.

    My body for life


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