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  • Hello everyone.

    i am starting my new life and the challenge on 12/2/2013. i would really like some advice as to what supplements work best. a little about my self. i am 54 year old male. weight 245, with most of that around the belly :(. my goal is to lose 40 pounds of fat and gain muscle along the way. i am committed to eating right and healthy.

    for my meal plans i am limiting the carbs, and concentrating on protein. so with that said. what does everyone suggest for protein bars, shakes and whey. i have read to eat at least 2 during the day as meal replacements but i am not sure which ones to use.

    thanks for your help

  • Don't limit the carbs.  Read the original BFL book.  You want to eat carbs, but the right carbs in the proper amount (fist sized portion.)  Trust the program, it works as designed.

  • I agree - people limiting carbs but still doing the workouts, and your body won't be able to keep up.  It seems like a lot of food, it seems like too much, but trust the process.  I'm just starting again today, but I did it before and lost 10 pounds in the first 3 weeks, following the program to a tee, including the free days!

    As for protein shakes, I do use protein shakes that are vegan but have 21 grams of protein per serving.  If you want info on them let me know - you can email me at if you want more info.

  • I agree with everyone else...Read the book, the program works.

  • Hey finny,

    I have found having a refrigerator full of EAS bars and pre-made shakes really help. It a lot quicker than the powder. Also make sure you have plenty of fruit and cut vegetables on hand. I often combine a shake and an apple for one of my snacks. The apple really helps fill me up and get to the next more substantial meal. Veggies, like cut carrots and celery, are great to munch on if you need a snack. Baby tomatoes are also a great source to help with food cravings.

    Be a champion,


  • Focus on consuming your complex carbs with your first two meals, and limit your carb intake with dinner to a green vegetable such as broccoli, asparagus, spinach, etc. (not peas).  You may consider taking fast-acting carbs during snack time such as an apple, but remember this is only a snack (half an apple).

    As for protein bars, while there are a few that aren't too bad, Quest, Premier Nutrition, Labrada and Pure Protein, you should remember that they are glorified candy bars.  Stick with a whole food snack or at the very least a protein shake and a carb.

    With regards to protein, first there was protein concentrate, then came protein isolate and today the most pure form is hydrolyzed protein.  I suggest settling for nothing less than isolate.  You should also consume a casein protein right before bed either in cottage cheese or in a shake.  This will keep your body from eating away at your lean muscle gains while you sleep.

    Begin slow, eat clean, drink plenty of water, get plenty of rest and the results will happen!!!

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  • That's not BFL Driven.  Carb and protein with each meal.  There is no need to limit carbs, you simply need to be sure the carb you're eating is a good carb and properly portioned.

  • Thanks for all the great advice. yes i agree i need the carbs, i did start the first 3 days with very little carbs. but i found my energy level bottom out. so i am taking my carbs, my first week has been very good. been doing the exercises and eating by the book now, lost 4 pounds and feel terrific!