Gluten and Diary free?

  • Hi all,

    I'm hearing a lot of talk lately about the benefits of "Gluten free and Diary free diets".  I was talking to a fitness trainer the other day about my Body For Life program and while obviously impressed, she said that if I want to see MAXIMUM gains, I should tweak the program to eliminate all glutens and diary from my program.

    I was quite shocked with I heard this as I have read all the BFL book from cover to cover (classic BFL book, Eating For Life, and Champion Body for Life) and both Gluten and Diary are woven through it. 

    I know Bill frowns on eating bread (luckily, I don't like the taste of whole bread anyhow), but I love having a nice Oat Bran cereal and Brown Rice in my diet.  I also live in fat free yogurt and cottage cheese.  

    Any thoughts. I am killing my body and derailing my BFL success by having Glutens and Diary in my diet?

    Cheers and appreciate any advice and/or thoughts!

    Derek Megyesi

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  • Derek, before I weigh in on this, I just want to know.  Is this your first BFL challenge?

  • Derek,

    I can tell you that i have been through two challages, have seen fantastic results, and I probably had, and still have some type of dairy every day.  I love greek yogurt ant low fat cottage cheese.  I use almost no bread and pasta but i incorperate a lot of brown rice, oatmeal, barley and quinoa.  I think you can see great results with dairy and some gluten products, just stick with Bill's list.  Best of luck.


  • I'm going gluten free on this challenge because I think I may have a gluten sensitivity. However it is very easy to stick 100% to the BFL diet and be gluten free! Brown rice is gluten free naturally, oats that have not been contaminated in the factory as most are, are also gluten free. (you have to find a special brand) Millet, gluten free pasta, buckwheat, rice, potatoes, amaranth, quinoa, corn, lentils are all gluten free and are part of BFL anyway. The only thing you really have to exclude is wheat bread, but you can get gluten free bread it's just more expensive, and wheat pasta. (again you can get the gluten free brand)

    As for dairy, again it's most likely the lactose that you should watch out for. Apparently as many as 1/3 of americans are unaware that they are intolerant to it. However again you can easily cut it our and stick 100% to BFL. Eggs are lactose free. I buy a cottage cheese that is lactose free and low fat. Kefir which is like a runny yoghurt in naturally lactose free. Some yoghurts are lactose free. So you would only have to cut out the milk and cheese. ( which should be very minimal anyway!)

  • My experience corroborates Rachel's. My first challenge was very successful, and I certainly had plenty of milk, cheeses, and gluten-rich foods.

    Maybe eliminating dairy and gluten would improve your results, maybe it wouldn't. Heck, maybe it would detract from your results, I don't know. But keeping them in your diet is not likely to derail your results entirely unless you have some kind of imbalance or sensitivity.

  • I'm on a gluten free diet. I did my first challenge gluten free and lost 20.5 #. I had some dairy though. You don't need to eat the gluten free breads anyway as they are high on the clysemic index due to the types of flour that is in then but if you must limit yourself to how much you eat. For oats I used gluten free oats. So its not that hard to do this gluten free and dairy free if you wish just pay attention to portion size. Hand/ / Fist. is what I used. Hope this helps good luck on your  journey.

  • Hi there,

    I've attempted B4L quite a few times before, but never got past week 9 I'm afraid.  Looking to change that this time finally :)

    Derek Megyesi

    Specialist - Business Systems

    Life Change Motivator :)

  • Thanks everyone.  I appreciate the input :)

    Derek Megyesi

    Specialist - Business Systems

    Life Change Motivator :)

  • Keep in mind that it would not be tweaking the program to eliminate gluten and dairy.  You would just choose options without either of those, and I went nearly free from both with my last contest, and yes, the results were great.  I lost 38 pounds, and went from 39.1% body fat to 21.6%.  Now mind you, not all are gluten sensitive.  I am not.  I didn't do it to avoid gluten, but because those options aren't the best, anyway.  Sweet potato is so much better than wheat!  Blueberries are so much better than yogurt!  

    Please avoid the Eating for Life book, or at least heed warning.  It's not really a contest worthy book.  Bill wrote it after he sold EAS, and the BFL trademark.  It's got recipes with too much sauce, cheese, and too little protein, and that's the tip of it.  And... he warned about this in the written section.  It's more a maintenance type book.  There was a time when calories were listed for the recipes and they were crazy off for what a BFL meal should look like.

    You are absolutely better off ditching the yogurt.  It just has so little value.  

    I'm concerned when people talk about cheeses.  The original BFL, on page 84, only discussed 1 cheese, and that's low-fat and fat-free cottage cheese.  There's no other cheese "authorized".  

    Going gluten and dairy free certainly won't detract from results, and remember that bread, even the gluten free kind, isn't a best choice, anyway.  

    You can do this!  We're cheering for you!

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Oh, and Derek, it was like my 18th try before I finished.  Now I'm not suggesting you follow suit, but just know that you can do this, and the past is just that, past!  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • About cheese...I remember hearing or reading from BFL that it is not completely prohibited, but allowed in the smallest possible amounts if absolutely necessary for the recipe.... e.g. parmesan cheese is a good option because it has a lot of flavour and you don't need much of it . e.g. macaroni cheese is a definite no no!!!  Cheese is extremely high in calories that's why.

  • The BFL book does not authorize cheese.  There are recipes that have been profiled here, and certainly in EFL with cheese, though it is not permitted by BFL, page 84, which is the original and best foods list.  

    The reason is not that cheese is high in calories... well... kinda.  I encourage you, BflGalina, and others, so know that I'm not picking on you/BflGalina, to shift your thinking.  It's not about what you can have, nor can't have, like many think, when they consider all those things on which they feel they're missing out.  It's about what you SHOULD have, and need to support your body along this journey to better health.  In this instance, the calories in cheese do matter, but not for the sake of calories.  It's because cheese does nothing for you, and when eating a diet that uses, as one factor, a deficit, by having something like cheese, it means you won't get those calories from something that will benefit you.  The more we slip in those things, the less room we have in a total hypothetical daily allotment for what we need, or we will be having too much, if we have it all.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • right, so too many fat calories and not enough nutritional value is what i hear you saying....