If your 6th meal ends up being less than an hour before bed, is it better to skip it?

  • Hey guys,

    I've faced the situation above several times. Generally I'm trying to eat all six meals in good time leaving at least 2 hours before bed for the last meal. But if faced with the above situation, what's best?

    Also, if you are facing a situation where to cram all meals into the day you have to eat more frequently than every two hours, is it best to do that rather than skip a couple meals, or is it best to skip those meals?

    So I am wondering what the best of the worst scenario is!


  • I do not have a problem getting in meals every 2-3 hrs in a day. For you, if that close to bed time, make your last meal a shake.  

    I start my day at 5:30am working out.  I eat at 6:30am, 8:30, 11:00, 2pm, 5:30, 8:00pm, and sometimes an extra shake at 10pm just as I am going to bed so that I have my protein working while I sleep..depends on what I am doing the next day.

    It all comes down to how you plan your day.

    Good Luck with your meals

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  • I get messed up too trying to figure out what to do. I work 3rd shift Sat. Sun and Mon night but when I work off on Tuesday morning I switch back to day shift schedule until I go back Saturday night. I am having a hard time trying to adjust to a eating schedule. Any one have any suggestions?



  • It's not a problem, I work out from 10 - 11 pm, then have my 6th meal, and go to bed around midnight.  Just follow the same guidance for this 6th meal, and the suggestion of a protein shake is excellent.  Your body will use the nutrients to rebuild while you sleep.  It's the net input of calories over time versus the net burning of calories over time that will ultimately govern what weight & how much of your body weight is fat (assuming the cardio and weight training routines are done by the program guidelines.

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  • I have wondered the same thing. I work out from 6-7am, then eat my first meal the recommended one hour later at 8am. Then meals follow at (around) 10.30, 1, 3.30, and 6, but I really struggle to face food again at 8.30pm. And, indeed, since I've been doing BFL (less than two weeks) I've been needing to go to bed really early, so 8.30 is sometimes when I am heading for bed.

    I like the idea of having a protein shake as the last meal of the day though - I could probably manage that with, say, a piece of fruit?

    I note that bananas are not on the authorised food list - does anyone know if they are allowed or not? They go really well with chocolate protein shakes.... :-)

  • Bananas are great for you and although they aren't listed in the book, they are definitely a good part of the diet.

    Also, getting a protein shake in your body within 30 minutes of your weight training workouts is ideal.  The book suggest you wait an hour after you CARDIO workout, but definitely not your weight training days.  I usually have a protein shake as soon as I get home from the gym.

    At night, I will definitely agree with every one else.  Make sure whatever you eat is light.  Me personally, I like to have a large scoop of cottage cheese for my last meal.  The cottage cheese is a great protein because it burns SLOWLY and will definitely be valuable to your body as your last meal.  Protein shakes are meant to be absorbed into your system quickly, hence why we drink them right after a workout.