Protein for vegetarians? Please help!

  • Jessica thanks for the awesome idea of using Betagen. I'm using it anyway, so I can get away without drinking soy after all.....:D When you have the two eggs and 3 whites, do you avoid more fats for the rest of the day? Or how do you moderate your fat intake?

    Yeah protein bars are great for emergencies. The temptation though is to eat them before hand....!

  • Hi BflGalina,

    Sorry for the delay.  I went away on business and really put down the laptop.  

    I tend to spread out my fats, from mid-day, and beyond.  You want your system ultra fast in the morning, so that's why fats later, and not post workout.  I don't avoid fat the rest of the day.  I believe healthy fats are a key to fat loss, and general health.  I just don't have too much at once.  

    Make sure you include fish oil in your diet!!!

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  • I am vegan and get my protein from spinach, mushrooms, kale, quinoa, beans, edamame... tofu is ok, but I watch how much.  The same goes for seitan and tempeh.  Also, plant based protein powders are great!  Vega is what I use. There is an awesome recipe called the Thai Protein Overlord made by Vegan Shortcake. It is SOOO good.  It has lentils, almond and peanut butter sauce, along with spinach, mushrooms, and other super foods, then topped with some tofu chunks.  I know some people are concerned with soy products, but as with anything- moderation is important.  I'd google the recipe if I were you. The combinations of flavors is delicious and depending on the way you split the portions, it has a great amount of protein.

  • Although those things you mentioned have some protein, MEGDEE, most are considered carbs, like lentils, quinoa, and vegetables.  I'm personally not a proponent of tofu.  Any amount of it with enough protein is just too much.  It's arguably unhealthy, and the almond / peanut butter is not really nutritionally valuable.  It can be done vegan, though it's difficult.  It takes a lot of planning, but I'm sure you can do it. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!