Myoplex Protein Shakes

  • So, this is my first time to try the BFL challenge and my first time to try out the Myoplex shakes.  Yesterday I mixed one pouch of the protein powder with a little over 8oz of skim milk.  I found the shake to be very thick.  It still tasted good, but just seemed to be an odd consistancy.  Is this normal, or am I just reading the instructions incorrectly?  Thanks,

  • I've never tried mine with milk but instead I mix it with water, frozen strawberries, and spinach.  It taste like a milkshake that way.  I normally use vanilla protein.

  • I'll give it a shot with water tonight.  I figure I can always add more water if it is still thick.  Didn't even think of that last night, though.  I'll definitely have to try adding some frozen fruit in!  That sounds great.

  • I use 12 oz of water and get a nice smooth shake.  More than that is too thin and less is too thick for my liking.  Back in the early 2000's, they used to suggest 16oz of water.  I was still making them like that 6 months ago, but it was really thin.  When I read the package and saw 8 oz, I tried that but thought it was way too thick.  So I tried 12 oz and really like it.


  • I drink the Lean 15 shake....when I first tasted it with just water I could not drink it I thought the taste was horrible.... But then I mixed it with low-fat plain kefir and it tasted DELICIOUS! Plus kefir is so good for you, I am very happy to have found this recipe.

  • Keep in mind the difference between Lean 15, which isn't a complete meal and Myoplex, which is a complete meal.  When having a Myoplex, it's all you need for that meal, meaning that adding milk or berries, or anything, is going to throw off the macro-nutrients meant for your optimal bfl meal.  

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  • I'm surprised that the Abbott folks haven't responded to this post and thread.  I have been drinking the Myoplex Original powder packs for about 4.5 years.  Their formulation was changed about 4 - 5 months ago.  (Same is true for the ready to drink shakes, which now contain pea protein and "revigor").  Anyway, I was so used to making them up to 12 - 15 oz. volume with water, as the original formulation instructed, that I didn't really check the instructions out.  One day I noticed the 8 oz. recommendation in the directions, so I contacted the Abbott Nutrition store folks.  Turns out it was a misprint.  I believe the updated labeling now instructs 15 oz. water, but I usually make my shakes a little thicker at 12 oz.

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  • The amount of water is really to make it a certain consistency.  I like mine thin, and others like it thick.  It's of no concern, but I can't tell you guys how happy I am to see people are thinking about things, looking to refine, caring about being the best they can.  Those are good qualities!  

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  • SGerig,

    Sorry we missed this one! We would like to gather more details for Quality Assurance and would appreciate it if you gave us a call at 800-850-7677 Monday - Friday from 8:30am - 5pm, EST. Please reference case# 01365566 when you call.


    If you could give us a call as well, we would like to pass along some additional details to Quality Assurance regarding your experience. Please reference case# 01365580 when you call.

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  • Jessica, I'm always very eager to read you postings and learn from your amazing transformation. Thanks for staying on the forums :)

  • That's very kind, BflGalina.  I appreciate that.  BFL has changed my life beyond what mere words I can use to describe.  I'm here for two major reasons, though numerous in aggregate.  The 1st is that like everyone, I need the support, and simply love, get motivated by, am encouraged by, and respect this community.  The 2nd is a sense of duty.  Mike Harris was a friend, a good one.  He remained on the forums literally until the day he died.  He could have taken his winner's jacket, the one he finally earned, after all those contests, and rode into the sunset.  Mike helped.  Mike wanted to give back.  He and so many others gave to me.  I want to give back.  And remember that it's not just the official champs, or those of us, like me, who just finished a contest, that can help.  We can all lift each other up, and know that you do the same for others, and me, so thank you for that!  

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