Starting Week 6 - Wondering About Effects of Artificial Sweetener and Hazelnut in Coffee?

  • Before providing an answer to the question I'm going to ask here:  Some tact, diplomacy, encouragement and a lack of judgment are in order.  The last time I asked this question was about the same point in a challenge I began in mid-December, and the answer I got back was of the nature of "You're not evening doing the program, so why are you even bothering?"--so I quit.  It took six months for me to find the courage to try again.  I have not found the BfL site to be particularly nurturing of newbies, and in fact quite judgmental and unsupportive--so if you can't answer this with tact, diplomacy and encouragement, please, keep your opinion to yourself.

    Tomorrow will be the first day of the 6th week of my challenge.  While others seem to be seeing progress (I am a little bit, e.g. clothes are fitting differently--but I guess others see it before we do), I'm feeling like I could be doing better.  Almost every day of my Challenge I've stuck to the approved foods list, had 10 cups of water; occasionally eating every 2 to 3 hours is a challenge, for one reason or another.  I think I've missed only one workout in 6 weeks.

    So I think I'm doing pretty well--but I am keenly aware I have but 7 more weeks to get the results I want, and I feel like I need to kick it up a notch.

    The one thing I haven't been able to give up is coffee with hazelnut and artificial sweetener (an average of 2 20-oz cups a day).  How detrimental an impact is this having on my progress?

    Again, if you can't provide a non-judgmental answer that isn't tactful, diplomatic and encouraging, PLEASE don't bother replying to this post.

  • Nathan,

    I would tell you to make the program what you need it to be to complete it and be successful.  While a lot of us have an all or nothing mindset it does not have to be that way at all.  Let me share my experience.  I have finished my first challange and saw great results.  I only lost 5 pounds of scale weight but I look so much different so dont get discuraged.  I used artificial sweetner in my coffee, a drank a diet soda at least once a day on most days.  Realize that whith every liberty we take with the program it may diminsh results a little but you are probably still way better off than when you started.  Also, my results did not start to show until about week 9.  I was seeing clothes fit better and i felt better but others started to notice at around week nine.  Keep moving forward and focus on what you have accomplished and the great changes you have made.  Good luck.

  • Thanks very much for your kind response.  I could use some help and support, if you're available for that; my email is  Having just received a very abusive response to another posting I don't think I'll be back on the BfL website again.