Cheat day (or meal in my case)

  • So I have been great all week but totally planning my cheat meal for today. So I get up at 7, feeling great and hea out to dunkin donuts. There's this new donut sandwich I have been waiting to try. Now I don't know if it's me because I built up the cheat so much and anticipated it so much was TERRIBLE!!  I can't beleive I wasted my cheat on it LOL!! Note to self-next sunday have a bagel and cfream cheese cause I know I like that!  Have a great day!~

  • Aw bummer!  Hate it when something sounds sooo good, and you get all hyped up for it...only to have it fail.  You have a good plan ahead though with a tried and true satisfactory cheat for next time. =)

  • Yeah but heres the thing about cheat day......ugh I feel sick now. Ive felt sluggish all day and bloated. I guess that was the idea to remember how yucky we feel when not eating clean. I definitely won't go over board next time. I think I did today because it was my first one. I really see and feel the difference!

  • I agree cheat day experience was similar to yours. I felt sick after my supersize banana split ice cream.

  • For my cheat day attempted to eat 1 Big Mac, 1 Double Quarter Pounder, Large Chocolate Shake, Large Fries, 10 piece nuggets, Coke <--- I was really looking forward to this day.

    I ended up eating 1 Big Mac and half of my Double Quarter Pounder and felt like laying down. hah  It is fun looking forward to the free day.  But to be honest, I'm ok with just a free meal instead of the whole day.

  • I have often done the same thing an limited my Free day to one cheat type meal or item for the day that I really wanted all week long and that helps kill the craving for it the rest of that week at least.