• ok I was totally not thinking and had a diet soda at dinner, lik half a cup. I know the harm  but wasn't even thinking about it til I started on the forums tonight. Should I skip my cheat day for that soda??? I really was looking forward to something sweet on my cheat day, maybe a cupcake. What should I do? I'm at the end of week one so I am still learning.

  • Unless you really want to give up your free day, just take it as a lesson and move on and take your free day, or maybe just do a free meal and eat clean the rest of the day. Like you said, you're just starting out. And I think ALL of us have had a lapse. On Week 3 of my first Challenge, I had a chicken salad at a Cuban place and the owner presented me with the "gift" of a free flan, which my husband couldn't eat due to an allergy, so I ate the entire thing because, well, free flan. And ate clean the rest of the week. And still took my free day though with more moderation. And wasn't worse for wear as a result.

    Good luck with the rest of your Challenge!

  • How is a diet soda going to break your progress? It's diet. Yes, it has aspartame, etc. in it, but it's not going to kill your progress. I'm a Pepsi addict and a Coke Zero or Diet Dr. Pepper now and then is my saving grace.

    Don't sweat the small stuff and don't start over! It's getting hung up on these little "slip ups" that keep us in the bad cycle. Now, if you had eaten half a pizza or half a pan of brownies that would be another story. :)

    Stay focused and looking forward. Best of luck!

  • Pop is loaded with sugar. If you're making the switch to diet soda, good on you! I love the taste of Pepsi, and the occasional drink of diet won't rock the boat. You are making positive changes, and changing from regular to diet is great, just don't drink a lot of it.

  • Get rid of all soda!  None of it is better than water.  I know it's difficult...believe me, I know.  Back before I started my first challenge in January, I was drinking 4 Mello Yello's a day.  Love the drink!  However, I knew it was loaded with sugar, and a major contributor to my well-being at that time.  So, I banished it from my diet for the first month.  Now, I will enjoy one or two of them on my free day, but it's not hard for me to just drink those 2 and go back to water.  I usually have them finished by 2pm on my free day, and just drink water the remainder of my free day.  In all honesty, they don't make me feel better.  They're empty calories...and for what?  A little bit of enjoyment while drinking.  I usually end up feeling bloated because of them.  I continually carry around my water bottle, 6 days a week.  That's become such a habit, that I usually do it on my free day too.  Water is one of the major keys to this program, that personally, I don't think people emphasize enough.  You should drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water, every day.  Example.  If you weigh 200 pounds, you should drink 100 oz of water a day.  I usually go over the half mark, and where I visit the bathroom quite frequently, I feel great because of the water.  If you're working outside in the heat, you need to take that into consideration and drink even more water.  It's crazy how much of a strangle hold soda/pop has on our society.  Do your body a favor and stick to water!


  • I stopped drinking diet drinks because I thought they were causing my migraine headaches..I stopped drinking them a month ago and so far I haven't had a full-blown headache since..not sure if its attributed to the aspartame or not..but so far so good..but I used to drink diet Pepsi like a boss lol!

    I thought you could have a couple of cheat meals spread out over the week instead of just one whole day? I don't know..when I was in the challenge years ago for six weeks, I did the whole free day..but I read in the book you can also do two free meals a week instead of one while day????

  • I have one of those 32 oz neprene bottles. I fill that at least 3 times a day plus have a big glass in the morning and at night. I also pee like crazy, most nights having to get up during the night and early in the morning. I have always loved water so water is not a problem for me. Even before starting this program I was always a big water drinker. I have always tried to to drink a glass before I eat and I usually don't eat as much. Now it doesn't matter if I drink before during or after a meal because the portion sizes tell me how much to eat and surprisingly it hasn't been too difficult. If I see something not on the plan that I really want it helps me to be able to make a mental note to have it on my free day. For example: In the beginning of the week I have a friend who delivers breads and cakes for a living and he gave me three boxes of cakes (twinkie type, cupcakes and ho hos) I may hve looked at them a couple times but I am not daring to touch them until my cheat day. I am looking forwrd to the cupcake tomorrow. having the cheat day is miore of a mental thing for me. If I had to give up everything forever I would never be able to stick with it. I tried the no carbs thing before but I always caved because there was no allowance for my human nature/desires. This is perfect because I am able to resist just fine knowing I can have it soon!!!

  • I have a diet soda once in a while - fewer than I used to but they are better than real sugar (granted still not healthy) but it keeps me from going off diet on everything else. I have made really good progress even with the diet drinks so I wouldn't sweat it.

  • Here's my two cents:  diet sodas are harmful if you have Phenylketonuria, which is a disorder that prevents metabolizing the phenylalanine found in some artificial sweeteners.  Other than that, there is no reproducible evidence of harm.

    The only similarity between "diet soda" and "regular soda" is the name soda.  Diet soda and regular soda are significantly different beverages and share virtually no similarity.  1 12 oz Coca Cola with high fructose corn syrup has 39 grams of sugar equivalent.  1 12 oz Diet Coke contains about 1/6th of a gram of aspartame.  This means that the regular soda has over 200 times as much sweetener by volume as a diet soda.  A diet soda is the dietary equivalent of drinking a glass of water and taking an aspirin.  One 12 oz can of sugar soda, on the other hand, is the equivalent of sitting down and eating 4 whole heads of lettuce in one sitting or 10 sugar cubes or 4 slices of white bread or 1 baked potato (without butter or any other additives).

    In my opinion, save the sugar soda for "free day", but don't worry about the diet soda.


  • For moments like this, I suggest that you isolate it and move on.  You can't change what's already happened, but you can control what happens next.  Put it behind you and back to clean eating!  I avoid all soda.  You should save that for free day.  And I believe diet is even worse than the regular (although that's just my opinion and you'll find plenty who will disagree.)

    And no - I don't think you need to give up free day over that issue.