enough time for meals and exercise??? help

  • OK I am jsut starting this week and I already have found out my major problem....can anyone give me some pointers?  I wake up in the morning and have 4 kids to get off to school before I can go to the gym. I have been every day but I can't get there til 9 so on my cardio days I am still on an empty stomach when I start but then once I finish I still wait the hour before eating so my first meal isn't until 10:30. Then somehow I have to cram 5 more meals in but I am finding that I am eating too frequently to fit them all in and then I'm diong a shake at bedtime but now I am staying up later than usual to fit it in.

    Then on my stregth training days my first meal may not be until 11:15 if I wait the hour after and try togo on an empty stomach. I am trying to work this all out but it is difficult to schedule. Any one have suggestions? I thought about having a shake at 7 but that would only leave 2 hours with nothing before a workout and I read it was supposed to be 3???

  • You need to have a morning meal before going to the gym.  Waiting that long to fuel your body for the first time of the day is too long.  If you can't get a workout in the first hour you're awake, I would suggest eating or having a nutrition shake.  Yes, the book says wait 3, but I find that to be too long, as you wait 3, workout, and by the time you get to eat again, it's over 4 hours, which my stomach can't do.  I would suggest a 2 hour timeframe, get your workout in, and get to your next meal asap.  I try to fuel my body within 30 minutes of a weight workout, to get protein into my body.  Cardio days, I try to wait at least 45 minutes to an hour before eating.


  • I agree with Mike.  Have a meal when you get up and then go from there.  Don't let that bother you.  Hit your 10's and eat clean and you'll do just fine.

    Good luck!

  • thank you for your help. I had a shake when I first woke up this morning and will get my cardio in about 9 9:15