wanting to give up!

  • I feel really low right now.  I can do the work outs with too much conflict, but the nutrition is getting really hard!  I always make sure I have plenty of chicken, shrimp, cottage cheese with pineapples, greek yogurt, etc... but my daughter and husband are getting really sick of eating the same things every day and have started bringing things into the house like pizza and other REALLY addictive foods!  Its so hard for me to say no to it, that I end up having a few bites and then feel like I just "blew" the whole day and beat myself up thinking I will never get results no matter how hard I work out and the eat right the other 98% of the time because I have a bite of this or that.  If it wasn't in the house, I think I'd be okay, but my family just wants a variety that is a little less healthy and not BFL approved.  

    I hate making 2 meals every day!  

    How are you guys getting through this??

  • Greetings bye2babyfat,   I can relate to how hard it is NOT to eat those "forbidden" items but I entreat you to Keep Moving Forward and get back on the BFL Bandwagon with all of us tormented Challengers.  I had to pass up a really great looking and tasting (I can only imagine on that one)  Memorial Day Cake that one of our cast members so kindly brought in yesterday( today is my Free day and yesterday was NOT). and that was tough for me.  If you transgress, just get right back on the horse and ride as I like to say and write it off to experience,  the fact that you feel bad about it is a sign that you still have the determination to continue and win with all of us. Planning ahead may help you with the meals and do what I do when a forbidden item is around, the old Jedi mind trick I call it....Pretend it doesn't exist , you don't see it or smell it (or eat it) and the desire will pass. Have a glass of cold water too, that might help to quell you stomach pangs then. HANG IN THERE.  We are ALL routing for you to finish this in style and grace.  

  • Hi Bye2babyfat,

    I love my BFL food, because I love my protein, good chicken, turkey, tuna, lean beef.  Don't make two meals everyday, try to liven  up your meals by using plenty of herbs and spices.  I make nice fajitas, curries, chilies, stir fries etc. be creative and try different things.  

    Then I use my free days to take care of all those cravings I've been having all week.  By the end of my free day I'm blow out and can't face that unhealthy fatty food anymore, plus it makes my next day's work out really hard so I remember how bad I used to feel before I shed 50lbs.

    You can do it, just remember to take baby steps, one day at at time, one healthy choice at at time.  Soon you'll you'll look back and you will have covered miles!

    Good luck!

  • First of all - you CAN do this.

    Having said that, there is no trick to making this easy.  It's difficult.  But here are a couple of things that I think are important and that help me.  The first is a saying that I heard years ago (don't remember the source:)  "Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels."  I try to remember that when I'm tempted to cheat (which is often.)  The other thing that I think is important is the mindset of being a successful, healthy eater.  I think it's critical to get to a point where you are choosing to eat clean because you want to.  It's really hard not eating pizza when your family is eating it, but you have to remember that you can eat the pizza if you want to, but you don't want to because you want to look and feel great - and pizza won't get you there!  Stay positive and remember you're eating clean because you choose to, and because you're strong enough to do what's good for your body and your health.  Attitude and mindset go a long way in BFL.  Do your best and don't give up - you can do this!

  • Hi,

    There are many sources of proteins listed on this site as well as in the Body-for-Life book. With some research you will find many recipes for healthy foods beyond that. It doesn't have to be boring and can actually be something to look forward to for you and your family. Bet if you do some digging and start working those healthy meals in they will think you have been getting some culinary training and like what you make.

    Feeling guilty about cheating is natural but we need to get over it and move on and concentrate on the positives.



  • Oh no! Don't give up! This is the sort of obstacle that will set you apart from who you used to be, if you can get through it. I know it felt to me unimaginable to refuse a bite of pizza. But first I did it once. Then I did it again. Each time I said "no" when I wanted to say "yes" was a little victory. They add up and make you believe in yourself because you have proven self discipline. It feels extraordinary to boost your self esteem in that way. It becomes so much greater than looking good. It is taking me a while to feel good about my looks. If it wasn't for the self esteem I have for the way I live my life, I wouldn't be motivated to keep going.

    Have you sat down and had a real talk with the family? I think its important to let them know that this is very important to you, and that they don't have to adopt your program but you DO need their support.  It would really help if they were discreet with the fast food for now, and maybe when you are solid in your food choices it won't be a big deal for them to eat that stuff in front of you. I don't know your situation so I am not telling you to do this, but if you think it would help that's what I would do. But generally with family, the more you show discipline with yourself, the more they will try to help you.

    My husband loves pizza, but he waited a long time before bringing it into the home. And he said "I really want pizza....will it mess you up if I order some?" I didn't want to eat it also because he had been so supportive, and I didn't want to make him feel like he can never have stuff like that. So I didn't have any and I felt really good about it. After a while, it isn a big deal. But in the beginning I feel it is important to have the support of the family. Mine understood how crucial it was because I had so many problems related to my health and emotional state about my body. It was quite obvious. Maybe it isn't so obvious with you (I don't know) so that's why I would say talk to them about it.

  • Don't give up. The fact that you're cooking two meals and staying focused is amazing, even with a nibble, couldn't blame a person for that. If you're finding it hard to stay on course, I look at it this way. Right now, where I live anyways, the weather is starting to get warmer, but I can still wear a spring jacket. Now, this kind of helps me hide my weight. But when the warm weather hits, there will be no hiding. The warm weather is not far off. Remember that when you want to give in, it may just motivate you. Stick with it, you're doing great!

  • Thank you guys,

    I really needed to hear (er... read)  those comments.

    Lil Caity, I have sat down with my husband and daughter- but my  husband just rolls his eyes and says I am "perfect the way I am"   and claims that if I lost weight I would be under weight.  I wouldn't be, lol.  

    He has agreed to be supportive, but still eats ice cream (last night....) infront of me and talks about going out to eat.  He and my daughter get frustrated when I make dinner and sit down to eat chicken and rice. I always hear "really?? You can't even eat this??"  and it gets really irritating.  

    Houligan- I think your right, I just need to do some research and find out what different meats I can use.  My family doesn't like sea food, but I saw some steaks were approved- which is great!  I'm thinking Shishka-bobs (spelling?)  for dinner tonight and steak fajitas this weekend.  I'm already more excited, lol.  

    You guys are right, I can do this, and when I finish the 12 weeks, hopefully my husband will see the amazing results and want to do it too?  :)  I'm in the middle of my 3rd week....   9 to go.  

  • Oooh that does sound irritating. How old is your daughter? Kids can be like that when they are old enough to be used to certain habits and young enough to make comments without realizing how it affects others. I remember when my parents started getting healthier, I wasn't really down with it but I am glad they stuck with it and set a good example because it helped me to make the right choices later in life instead of accepting defeat. You are doing a great thing for your family and you have the right attitude. "I hope my husband will see the amazing results and want to do it too"......you go girl!!

    Ps the ice cream thing......sometimes people would like to be supportive but they don't know how. In my personal experience, I have to be clear on what I need without crossing the line and being a princess. That might mean saying in a nice way, "I know you really like ice cream, and I do too....but it would really make a difference to me if you didn't eat it in front of me". I know it can be hard because some people can get upset and leave the room in a passive agressive way. It takes time to learn the art of healthy bounaries. But no matter what, we are here to support you in the mean time <3

  • I am in my first week so I am by no means an expert but I am a single mother of 4 so no way would I cook 2 different meals, I just don't have time. We did turkey burgers on the grill this week, chicken on the grill which they all ate. Didn't even notice it was a turkey burger once I put cheese only on their burgers (but it was light) and ketchup and mustard and lettuce. No extra meals there. They also like turkey sandwiches which I added lettuce and tomatoes on mine and some soup for them. Tonight we had baked potatoes, mine plain, and sauted cajan spiced chicken with onions and peppers on top and salad. I just bought turkey sausage today we are going to try with breakfast. I guess my point is to try and come up with meals that they can eat also or change just a bit for them but still eat the bulk of it the same. It can be tough but with some planning it can work and it doesn't have to be boring.

    If nothing else have the pizza on your cheat day so you can all enjoy it, heck throw in the ice cream then too!!

    Good luck!!

  • I really struggle with dieting, because I hate to feel deprived. I want to eat what I want to eat, but then I feel guilty. Here are some of my tricks. My family loves pizza and I think my husband and boys would eat it everyday if I let them. I was feeling guilty because not only does it hinder me and my goals, but it also doesn't teach my children to make healthy choices. So we still have pizza but we change it up. Sometimes we use whole wheat english muffin halves as our dough and sometimes we make it homemade with whole wheat flour. I set out little bowls full of healthy toppings and we use low-fat mozzarella cheese. Sometimes we use tomato based sauce, sometimes we use a pesto sauce, and sometimes we use just a drizzle of olive oil (i like this best for grilling pizza). Some artichoke hearts, red onions, fresh basil, and fresh tomatoes and I am in heaven. I also put things out like olives and those tiny canadian bacon slices. This allows my kids to be creative and they don't care that it's not from the pizza place. They made their own masterpiece with exactly what they want on it, and so have i. AND we have kept it healthy.

    I also tried something new last week with desert. I used some crystal lite and some frozen strawberries and put them in our Magic Bullet. In a matter of seconds I had homemade sorbet and the kids LOVED it. The next time I did milk and frozen strawberries with a teaspoon of Xyletol (my favorite sugar substitute) and again they were in heaven.

    If I could recommend any kitchen device to anyone I would suggest the Magic Bullet. We use our so much that we bought another one and my husband takes one on the road with him. He grabs yogurt and fruit and juice from the continental breakfast and at lunch makes a smoothie. it it FANTASTIC!

    Somewhere he is out there training while I am not, and when we meet, he will win.” - Tim Tebow