Suggestions for the right food choices when having to eat out

  • Just wondering about people's suggestions on restaurants and what food choices are ok at various restaurants as well as how people modify food choices, to fit with the BFL eating plan.

    I do bring a cooler with me with food, but I am away from home until 8:00pm most days, so the food I pack gets to be less satisfying. Also, any suggestions on changing up the food that you bring along for the day?

    what food combos do you use?


  • I travel for work quite a bit so eating out is inevitable. I mainly stick to a "formula" for meals out - salad with grilled chicken (or other protein like shrimp) with a squeeze of lemon I lieu of dressing for lunch and fish or chicken with either potato or rice and a green veggie for dinner. You can find that almost anywhere. I am in New Orleans for work right now - had salad with grilled chicken for lunch and steamed crab legs, shrimp and 2 small red potatoes for dinner yesterday.

    Key for me is keeping EAS lean 15 bars on hand. I desperately wanted dessert last night so had a bar with a cup of tea for meal 6 about 2 hours after dinner. Knowing it was there in my hotel room gave me the will to say no thank you when the waiter took dessert orders.

    Experiment with what food works for you - I am okay with a bit of monotony food-wise as it helps me think of it as fuel, not a treat. I tend to stick to one menu for about 4 days then mix it up a bit at one meal. Last week for instance I was eating oatmeal and egg whites for breakfast and then switched to cottage cheese, gluten free whole grain toast and spicy hot V8 juice. That little switch made things less boring but still controllable. Four days of cottage cheese then left on business trip where breakfast is a protein shake with PB2 powder (delicious!) or  oatmeal and hard boiled eggs. Everyone is different though so find what you  can sustain over the long haul.


  • Thanks so much! Agree with the bars. What is pb2 powder?are you doing a challenge now and if so what day are you on. I just started my second challenge this week. I did the Body for LIFE 12 years ago and got awesome results. So.doing it again.

  • PB2 is powdered, mostly defatted peanut butter. You can find it at Target and some grocery stores near the peanut butter (it is usually on the top shelf). I buy in bulk from amazon. It makes a chocolate peanut butter protein shake that is wonderful. Good with vanilla too and only 45 calories.