Confused about BFL recipes.

  • I was wondering what to make for dinner tonight and browsed through the BFL recipes.  They all sounded so good, but hardly any of them followed the rule of fist size portion of carbs and protein- also, there were more then 2 carb sources for each recipe.  Whats the deal with these? Are they for after you have finished the 12 weeks and want to maintain?  
    Is there somewhere else I could go to find more concise recipes for active BFL dieters?  

    THANKS  :) 

  • What BFL recipes are you referring to?  Are these in a book or are you finding them on this site maybe?

  • If this is your first challenge and or you aren't where you want to be weight-wise, I personally would suggest sticking to simple meal plans and leaving recipes alone.  Good portion sizes and few if any added ingredients will help you know you're eating correctly.  Just my opinion.

    Good luck!

  • YOu are looking in the red and white cookbook (eating for life) I think it's called right?  I had the same questions years ago...  I agree with Dave.  It is really confusing.  I'd save those for your free day meal and eat away :)


  • The Eating for Life recipes should only be used for meals on Free Day as healthy alternatives to the typical stuff you might be tempted to eat on Free Day or for after you have reached your goals and are looking to maintain. Stick to basic meals made up of a complex carb, protein and veggies. Keep it simple for now.

  • Note, I agree they are yummy recipes. The Chicken Enchiladas are to die for! :)  Not an "approved" recipe for use during a 12 week challenge, except for on Free Day. :)