Food Substitutes

  • Hi!  I just joined this challenge after my trip to the doctor today.  He recommended this program, so I decided to give it a try!  I have been looking over the food list and meal plans.  Everything sounds great, however I do not eat eggs.  I'm not allergic to them, I just don't like them.  I have a severe aversion to the texture, smell and taste of eggs.  What can I substitute for breakfast to replace eggs??? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

  • One of the things I would suggest is a rolled oats type of oatmeal that is high in protein, or even a low fat type of cheese like cottage cheese which is also high in casein protein perhaps with some fresh fruit thrown into it for a little more flavor. Hope this helps you out some on that. Keep MOving FOrward Kerry1972!!

  • I absolutely hate eggs unless I eat them with veggis.  sauteed shrooms, onions, pepper and I eat them with hot sauce or salsa on a piece of toast or in a WW tortilla.  I also make an omlet with spinach and mozzarella cheese.  I really hate eggs but I can actually enjoy them if I prepare them that way...   The only reason I say this is that I have tied other options for breakfast and nothing satisfies my hunger for the day like eggs do.  So I really try and eat them as many days as possible.  

    Good luck!  ps. with the omlet you don't get the texture like scrambled eggs...


  • I also hate eggs. I cooked them one time so far and I felt like I was eating a runny fart lol. I just don't go with conventional beakfast food anymore. I will eat a can of tuna with oyster crackers crunched in it for breakfast. That also might sound gross, if you are not a big tuna fan. I just have something I like that has a lot of protein. Sometimes, I wake up and all I want is a donut or something like dessert. So I have a myoplex bar, because they are so tasty and also have a lot of protein. I guess I go for what my body is wanting when I wake up, as long as its on the authorized food list. I grew up in the south, and the things people have for a traditional breakfast are so kind of turned me off to the idea of breakfast food.

  • A protein shake!! I have one everyday. You can also add spinach to protein shakes because it's great for you and you can't taste it AT all!!

    I also make "French Toast". Then you can't taste the eggs. I do one piece of whole wheat bread with 4 egg whites, vanilla, cinnamon and a small amount of sugar free syrup.

    Cottage cheese is great too. I like it with bananas and berries.

    Fat Free Plain Greek yogurt with pineapple is DELICIOUS.