Blueberries 'N' Blackberries?

  • Hello

    Does anyone know if blueberries and blackberries are acceptable as carbs on the program? i thought they were meant to be like super foods and in a Muscle and fitness mag i read blueberries were down as one of the top 25 foods for bodybuilders i thought

    I start my challenge next week. Just want to get it right.  Also I was planning to have some low fat cheese as find things bland without any things like that to accompany it; i bought salsa too but i dont know what others do to make sauces as there are no acceptable sauces listed. I could make a casserole as that way i can add meat, veg and the carbs and slow cook but i dont want to buy processed sauces and i dont know what is acceptable. I sometimes buy passata so that might be okay? it wil be very tomato-ey though


  • Yes, they are a carb!  A yummy one, at that =)   I use newman's own lighten-up line of dressings.  And condiments within the serving size.  

  • How is your challenge going?  We started around the same time..

  • Yes to the blueberries and blackberries as carbs!  I would be very careful of using lowfat or fat free cheese.  I would avoid sauces and casseroles until you've finished 12 weeks  and you're happy with your results / where you are.  Salsa is a pretty good way to add flavor, just don't get crazy!  <g>  I'm a big believer that the first 12 weeks should be very simple - good portion sizes and very few if any added ingredients.

    Good luck!