Protein Powders RE: Taste & Lactose Intolerance

  • I am starting my first challenge on May 1, 2013.  I have used protein powders in the past but they have all tasted pretty bad.  I'd be interested in hearing what others think about the various products, in terms of taste.  Also, I am lactose intolerant. Any suggestions?  Thanks.

  • Hi. I dont mind the taste of protein powders. I am from UK and i use the chocolate one from My Protein website as i cannot seem to find body for life products over here any more. I use a chocolate flavoured protein powder mixed with skimmed milk and i blend it with a blender as i was finding that i as getting clumps of powder when using a shaker bottle (not quite got strong muscles to shake well yet :s). Over here you can get lactose free milk in major supermarkets without any prob. I have just ordered choc mint protein powder. Instead of powder i think you can get "ready to drinks" and also meal replacement bars. Emmy