The shakes and bars

  • I am having a VERY hard time dealing with eating/drinking foods processed in a lab. Grant it, I've gained weight because of unhealthy things I put in my mouth, but I'm now on day 25 and if the I'm working towards optimal health (and with SUCCESS), so how could I poison my body? Does anyone else feel this way?

  • I understand what you're saying, and for the most part I agree.  However, and this is just my honest opinion, unless you plan on eating only good, clean, natural food for the rest of your life, without exceptions, then I don't see any problem with using the shakes and bars to get healthy.  The shakes and bars aren't perfect, but they give you a quick, convenient way to get the protein you need, along with vitamins, in a calorie-controlled way that is healthier than most of the things we might otherwise put into our bodies when looking for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon meal.  If you have the time and access to real food choices that allow you to eat healthy in proper portions without using supplements, then I believe everyone on this site would encourage you to do that.  But for most of us, the bars and shakes are a good, sound meal option.

    Congratulations on your 25 day, keep going!

  • You feel like the shakes and bars are poison? It is good to ask this question if it is troubling you. I can just give you my experience.

    I use the myoplex shakes, lite after cardio and regular after weight lifting. I replace a couple meals a week with a bar. My husband raised an eyebrow when I mentioned that this was suggested, he is a healthy skeptic. But the ingredients in the things I use looked alright to him. I called the EAS hotline to ask about them before I used them, because my liver had been compromised before from years of heavy drinking. They looked up some research and found no long term damage to the liver as a side effect, and also suggested I talk to my doctor. I did that and I got the OK from her to use the products I mentioned.

    There is nothing wrong with checking something out before you put it in your body. Because of my liver issues, I stay away from the protein powders because its harder to process. Even though I don't drink anymore, I have to be careful for the rest of my life. I have gotten SUCH benefits from the shakes. The muscles in my legs are so solid, and the layers of fat and cellulite are almost completely gone. I feel it is all natural, it is just protein in condensed form. The drugs like hgh are what I would consider poison.

    And like you said, many of the foods we eat have been processed. There is a reason that a Micky D hamburger tastes the same no matter where in the country you get it. The fact that these products have been made and tested in a lab says to me that they were designed to be beneficial by intelligent people who care. I will take a myoplex over a big mac any day.

    But yes, I used to be very weary of these things. I didn't understand the reason behind it until I did some research and tried it myself. My rule of thumb is less is more, and the longer a product/company has been around, the more information you can find and trust.

  • Thanks for the input Dave and Caity. I have been taking orangic protein bars, and Raw Meal as my relplacements, these do not have any soy based products or chemicals.1 bar, and 1 shake a day. I like to know that my food comes directly from plant based products, and still in living form. It seems to be working well. I did order the myoplex, but did not take it yet. It stinks that in order to be a candidate for the challenge, I have to use their products. At least after 12 weeks I will have won a slamming body!