Egg whites plus cheese?

  • I love egg whites and sometimes eat them several times a day b/c of their protein pack, but I like to also have variety.  Sometimes I add LF Feta, Goat Cheese or LF cheddar, maybe only 5g or 1 tsp, but want to know if this is allowed and does it count as a fat?

    One of my favourites is Egg whites, salsa, avocado, LFcheddar + serve with Sweet Potato 'fries."  

    Does anyone have any good suggestions for Egg Whites?

  • I have often made an two egg omelette (only one yoke though) with low fat mozzarella cheese and onions for flavor. It seems to taste a little more lively that way.

  • I made egg whites with feta and spinach a lot, it was always delicious. Low-fat cheese is considered an acceptable fat to have while on the Challenge, and it sounds like you are practicing moderation, so go for it!

  • Low-fat cheese is not an approved fat on the BFL Challenge.  You're better off having some yolk, which contains all the nutrients of the egg, including biotin, than low-fat cheese.  Some yolk would also make it taste better, at least to my preferences.  The original book approved cottage cheese, but never any kind of low fat cheese, like string, or whatever.  That's a new thing, with the wimped revisions.  I'm not saying it will kill you, just to be careful of knowing your source of approved foods, which can be found on page 84 of the original BFL book.  

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  • I used to make omelets all the time with low fat cheese and egg whites.  I think if its measured and you are realistic about how much you put in then you will be fine.

  • I hate eggs and have them every day.  1 egg, 1 svg. whites and mix in some peppers and shrooms with salsa.  I also do the spinach and mozzarella omlet but from what I read if you are using cheese and avocado, that is technically 2 fats and you are only allowed 1 per day...


  • Cheese does not provide a fat that's helpful to the body.  You can do more than one a day, depending on amount, but it's just that cheese isn't useful.  

    Livinglifebetter... 1 whole egg and 1 egg white?  That's not nearly enough protein!  

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