How much healthy fats per day

  • I still don't really know how many healthy fats I should be eating per day.  I heard somewhere between 1-2Tbsp per day, and I am doing this with my husband, who is 75lbs more than I, so it doesn't feel right to be eating the same amount as he.

    Anyone else know how much most women should consume per day?

    I have been aiming for 1Tbsp per day, but find myself craving nuts and putting them in my mouth, by the handful, which I am sure is not helping me to lean out.  I want to make sure I am getting enough but also don't want to jeopardize my clean eating.

    Any tips would be much appreciated : )

  • I probably don't get in enough fat.  The womens bfl book says you can have 1/8 avacado, 8 almonds, or 1/2 T oil at each meal.  So, that would be equivelent to 24 almonds a day.  I take 6 fish oil capsules a day.  That's the best info I have, good luck!

  • I take Fish Oil and Flaxseed oil in the morning, and I also eat about 20 almonds sometime during the day for my fat intake.  

  • I had at least 2Tbsp per day on my Challenge and still dropped 5% body fat overall by the end. Usually my fats were: 1 egg yolk in the morning (1 whole egg mixed with 3 additional whites), cold-pressed oil (olive, hempseed, or grapeseed) mixed with dijon mustard or balsamic vinegar on greens, avocado, raw nuts and seeds, or cold-water fish like salmon or cod.

    Healthy fats in moderation are very good for you, actually. They help your body absorb the cartenoids found in vegetables, keep your brain happy, and keep your joints happy. Cutting too much can lead to malnutrition, mental fogginess, and soreness. Having fish/flaxseed oil capsules help but probably aren't enough, and if your body is craving fats, it's likely for a reason.

    If you are that worried you may want to look at using or another similar site that helps you track goals. You can go in and customize your intake, for BFL the 40/40/20 structure works well. (40% of calories coming from protein, 40% from carbs, 20% from fats). Getting a visual can be very helpful.

  • Gosh knows, I think i need to look into this too. I think there ought to be a body for life expert on this forum who can assist with this sort of things. I think i read that if you eat couple of portions of salmon per week then that should be enough fat (think I read that in the BFL book..hold on I'll look now...Yep on page 89 in the nutrition there is a section on "healthy fats". It says that 3 portions of salmon per week should be enough to give you all the fats you need. I bought some sunflower seeds the other day too and have been nibbling on those. Not sure how many i should be eating. I'm a bit confused as to how much olive oil you can have when you cook things too.

    The other day I decided to put my salmon slices in the oven rather than eating it uncooked. it was delicious as had crisped up like bacon and honestly seemed too tasty considering it was so healthy too.