Green Smoothies

  • Anyone do green smoothies? I always have trouble getting my vegetables in and think this may be a good way? And just think it could be a good alternative to protein shakes. Any recipes anyone would want to share?



  • I havn't done them because they don't usually have protein, but I don't think it would be hard to find a recipe that includes greek yogurt in the recipe for your protein, or maybe whey protein in the recipe.  Maybe just experiment with it...and than let us all know about your delicious creation!

  • We do green smoothies almost every morning.  This is our favorite:

    1 small banana

    1 cup frozen strawberries

    2 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk

    3 cups baby spinach

    2 scoops low carb  vanilla protein powder ( we use a brand sweetened with stevia)

    Makes 2 servings

  • Thx for the recipe, newmom! Sounds simple and good. :)

  • This one is awesome. Electrolytes, energy, protein, micronutrients and all that good stuff:

    Coconut water

    Vanilla protein powder

    Chia seeds


    3 figs

    1 orange

    Several large handfuls of organic baby kale

    Ice cubes

    Also, you could look into getting a juicer and make vegetable juices to have as an accompaniment to meals as your "vegetable." I am a big fan of Jason Vale's site, he has a ton of amazing recipes and goes over what they do for your system and how to make each one.

    Good luck! I have really gotten into juicing this year and have enjoyed seeing the results from that.

  • This is almost exactly what I do except I add Kale with my spinach and use coconut milk instead of almond sometimes with the chocolate protein and just a smidge of natural peanut butter. ITS SOO GOOD!!!