Fats - how much is a serving?

  • Hello,

    I cannot seem to find anywhere what 1 serving of fat is.  And then if I am 140lbs and my husband is 220, do we eat the same amount of fat per day?  That doesn't make sense to me....

    Your help would be much appreciated!

  • Smart fats per meal, or 1/2 per snack

    Nuts: 15 almonds, 20 peanuts, 12 walnut halves

    Olive oil: 1 Tbs

    Canola oil: 1 Tbs

    If I have a string cheese with a snack, or a protein bar with nuts in it, both have enough fat that I don't substitute anything else.  Just be mindful.  I count my fat when I use a small amount of canola oil for cooking meat or veggies.  Hope this helps!

  • These are. Amounts per day, correct?  Not per meal?  So how can I justify eating the same amount as my husband?