So Confused Please Help!

  • Hi All,

    I'm new here just starting my journey.  I'm a bit nervous because this whole menu thing seems so complicated.  Does any one know if the Eating for LIfe Book by Bill Phillips was meant to be used with this program?  Do you actually have to count carbs?  Is there are comprehensive list of what is and what isn't allowed?  What rules should I use to exclude items if there isn't a comprehensive list?  Help I'm so confused and I want to start out on the right foot. 

  • Hi tylynja!

    Hop on over to the Cottage Cheese Club thread for ideas (and join in our conversation…it's a GREAT group: Everyday we try to post our days, meals included. Regarding the Eating for Life book, I have it and love it. The "Plan to Succeed" chapter is one of my favorites - I am a total list person! Also, here is a link to numerous BFL recipes: Like you, I'm nervous with the whole what to eat/what not to eat as I don't want to screw up. I'm taking this weekend to educate myself as best as I can, meal/workout plan, then jump in full force on 3/4/2013. Planning is going to be key for this gal - and learning proper portion control. The Cottage Cheese Club is a great place to ask everyone for advice/give advice…take a peak ;) Hope to see you there!

  • Do you hae the body for life book? It has a section called "authorized foods" where it explains what to eat and why its important. There are specific foods under each category of protein, carbs and vegetables. It gives you a general foundation of how much to eat and how to prepare meals without adding the "bad stuff". It really helped me to read that so I knew what to get at the store. I prepare a bunch of stuff throughout a day where I'm not busy so I don't feel like all I do is cook.

  • It is a little confusing at first just learning to eat right, but after a while it will become second nature.  Definately get the book and use the authorized foods to go shopping.  Just remember to pair protein with carbs.  I don't count calories or carbs or even protein for that matter.  If you portion out your food according to the book guide than you will be fine.  Just remember that protein looks like the size of your palm (chicken breast, lean beef), and veggies the size of your fist or 1 cup.  Don't eat any simple carbs like processed chips, white flour, candy, etc.  Just this healthy?  You'll get it, no worries.  And...drink LOTS of water!!  You can go to my blog  I have a picture of my worksheet with food ideas and times.  Good Luck!

  • I suggest if you don't have the BFL book to get it and read it cover to cover before you start.  This isn't a program you can just jump into wihout the right preparation and mindset.  There is a list of authorized foods as well as serving sizes.  There is a lot of helpful and motivational info. in that book.  Good luck.

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  • Hi tylynja! I'm kind of in the same boat, this helped me with my planning this morning.

    just look at the recipes and fallow the serving  suggestions.

    When I get the hang of it I will be more than happy to share some recipes with you.

    Good luck with your journey and my the force be with you!


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  • @Riccar - awesome blog and advice!

  • Thanks!  I'm going over to check it out now.  I started today and it wasn't a complete fail but I'm hoping I get the hang of this soon.

  • I do have the book, but what I noticed is that there are things that are not on the list that I see in recipes.  I guess what I am looking for is something that says yes this is ok and no this isn't.  

  • Thanks.  Today was day 1 for me....

  • I have the book and feel like I'm constantly referring to it to understand things better.  I guess maybe I just think to much and feel like I need more guidance to get me on the right track.  This is my first week, so maybe it won't be as stressful once I get the hang of it!

  • Thanks for the help!  I'm definitely going to check out your blog.  I don't consider myself to be an overly structured person but for this if I"m going to make it through I know its super important for me to plan.  Today was day one and I'm sure I didn't eat enough because I've had a killer headache all day.  Thanks again I appreciate your help!