How soon to eat?????

  • Hello all.  I've been reading some articles and post but have a question.  I work out at 5:30 in the morning MWF.  As soon as I'm done, I take a protein powder called Afterglow.  It contains 32 grams of carbs, 20 grams of protein and it's 208 calories.  I've read on this site where some people suggest eating a real meal within 1 hour of taking your post workout protein.  Is this correct?  If so, do I count the protein as 1 of my 6 meals?  Reason I ask is because if it is considered a meal and I eat within 1 hour,  I will be done with my 6th meal before 8 pm and I don't go to sleep until 11pm. 

    For example:

    1) Protein at 6:45

    2) meal at 7:45

    3) 10:45

    4) 1:45

    5) 4:45

    6) 7:45

  • I hate to tell you this but the protein powder you are using is NOT designed for weight loss. You should be using something with 25 grams of protein per approx. 130 to 155 Calories per scoop. Use 2 scoops and yes that is your meal but as you see your getting 300 calories. Drink a lot of extra water to get you between meals.

  • I use Myoplex original (not the lite, even though my main goal is weight loss). Myoplex original has 42 grams of protein. 7 gms of fat and 20 carbs. The afterglow has too many carbs for the amount of protein it has. I lost 35 lbs this past year. The reason I don't drink Myoplex Lite is because it only has 20 gms of protein and the same amount of carbs as Myoplex original.

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  • Elle:  I don't know your size, but 42 grams of protein is usually too much for most women at one time.  I think the Myo lite is a better option for most women.  Equal carbs & proteins are good for BFL, and especially good following a workout.  You need those high glycemic carbs afterwards.

    Cmacks:  I don't know a lot about that brand, but it doesn't sound too horrible.  I would finish it off, and then try to find something that has equal amounts of protein & carbs, or something a bit higher on protein and lower on carbs.  It does count as one of your meals so add a bit of almond milk or extra water to help fill you up.  The 6 meals is a guideline.  If you find you are still hungry and hour or so before bedtime, have a snack/meal containing casein (powder, greek yogurt, cottage cheese), since that is a slower digesting protein and will be great for you while you are sleeping. Good luck to you!!

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