• I'm having a  hard time getting my 6 portions of protein. I know peanut butter, nuts and hummus are considered good fats, but do they count as a protein also.

  • Purple Martin -

    I recently did a challenge for the most part on a vegan diet, thus, didn't have animal proteins or protein supplements to rely on.  My primary sources of protein during this challenge were beans (black, red, garbanzo, etc), lentils, and almond milk.  I only use nuts as a cheat meal and in extreme moderation, nuts can sneak up on you quick from a calorie and fat stance.

    You can also add a protein powder or meal replacements to your 3 non sit-down meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner).  That is what I used to do before changing my diet.

    Your asking the right questions, keep it up!!!

    Semper Fi,