Protein, creatin and other products.

  • I have being wondering about this products. Protein is an important part of the nutrition and a must if you are into the BFL program. What about the other products like creatine and other products like CLA ? Do we need those? 

    We have 6 meals a day and often we have protein and carbs and vitamins and of course a lot of water. Do we need to complete that with more products? Shouldn't be enought with just food and some extra protein?


  • Here's an interesting article based on a study between supplements and regular carbohydrates.

  • Padre,

    First, everybody is different, there is no magic formula that can be applied to everybody universally.  I did my first three challenges with the supplements and protein replacement, got really good results, can't complain.  I just finished my fourth challenge with absolutely no supplements at all, including protein powders.  I did just as well on my supplement free challenge as I did on the ones with supplements.  I also did my 4th challenge for the most part on a vegan diet (except cheat days).  

    My advice to anyone is introduce one supplement at a time, that way you can see after 30 days or so if it is actually helping you.  If you do this then I would absolutely introduce a good quality protein replacement first, and then try the others.

    Good luck!!


  • Thanks Brez I really think that is how we need to see it. Thanks again!

  • Greetings padresurfing,  Good advice from  Texas Brez on the supplements. Trying them out is a key to finding what works for you.  I sometimes try different ones, but always be aware of their results, and more importantly their effects on your body. Be sure they don't counteract or conflict with any medicines prescribed to you and how they might interact with caffein you drink or consume daily as well . As they used to say in the Food Rocks show I worked in at Disney....Always Read the Label!!!  and that goes for food, drinks and medicines as well.  Keep Moving FOrward!!

  • Hi you guys, I was wondering if anyone has tried Betagen? I heard that creatine can cause water retention and weight gain... would love some input! I have never used supplements other than a simple whey mix after a workout.


  • I use creatine along with my morning protein shake.  I just put it in the shake.  Here is a link about how it works.  It really helps build strength.  I'm lifting heavier every time I go to the gym!!

  • cool, thanks j!