Any awesome breakfast ideas (beyond the recipes provided here)?

  • I think in the original BFL book, he did mention cheese but said if you HAD to have it, to microwave it first for 2 minutes to make the oils come to the surface. Sounds pretty disgusting to me :)

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  • I´m in week 6 of my challenge and I have all along been eating uncooked breakfasts.

    Anyway, I have made a breakfast which is superpacked with fiber and protein and takes 30 seconds to prepare in the morning;

    - Bircher Musli with jogurt, peanut butter and berries.

    To make the bircher musli, soak 2 cups of uncooked oats with 2 cups of unsweetened apple juice overnight in the fridge together with some almonds, whole & ground flax seed and dried fruit. This will give you about 3-4 days of breakfast. This will basically give you a cold version of oat porridge but thanks to the apple juice, it will not be as dull as regular cooked oats.

    In the mornng, you take about 150g of the musli and add about two spoons of jogurt, some natural peanut butter and throw in a few berries as well.

    This will not only fill you up but also give your tummy a good excersize as well.

    Give it a bash and let us know what you think!

  • These breakfasts look way too high in carb to me.  Using apple juice, albeit unsweetened increases the sugar/carb contest.  2 cups of oats, in and of itself, is more than 3-4 days of breakfast.  Dried fruit is a sugar bomb.  Now there's berries, which are fine, but in this case, adding carb content, and the natural peanut butter isn't helping.  The jogurt also has some carb, and it's 2 spoons, so that's not nearly any protein.  

    Where's the protein?  

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  • Hi Jessica,

    well, its not 2 cups of oats per breakfast, its for 3 to 4 days. Not even sure if it is possible to consume 2 cups of oats in one meal.

    The Bircher Musli gives about 20% protein. The peanut butter I use has a protein value of about 30% as per the packaging. The yogurt I use has 8% protein.

    Grant you that its not the same as for cooked breakfast but it makes a good uncooked and portable breakfast on the go.

  • Try protein pancakes! This was a staple on my first challenge. The recipe below will make two pancakes.

    1/2 cup oats

    1/2 cup cottage cheese

    2 egg whites

    Cinnamon and nutmeg

    Stevia, if you want it a bit sweeter

    Blend that all in a blender until it's like pancake batter, then fry in a tiny amount of coconut oil and top with a dollop of sugar-free fruit preserves or a few berries and plain Greek yogurt. Delicious! If you're like me and enjoy this a lot but don't want to make it every day, just make a double or triple batch, refrigerate the rest, and reheat them later.

    Another thing I liked was 99% fat free ground turkey breast sauteed with veggies (I loved spinach and peppers) and wrapped in a whole-grain tortilla with Tabasco or Cholula hot sauce, lots of lettuce, and fresh tomato or zucchini. You could also make a full pound of this and reheat 4 ounces each morning.

    I don't know if you like tofu, but tofu scramble is tasty and easy to make, there are LOTS of recipes for that out there too.

    I also stopped thinking of the meals as what they are "supposed" to be. If I wanted salmon first thing in the morning, I'd have it. If I wanted egg whites with spinach and ground turkey for dinner, I'd do that too.

  • Globetrotter - Do not count PB as a protein.  You couldn't eat enough to get enough protein, without at least consuming an obscene amount of fat.  It's just not a good option.  The yogurt's 8% is negligible.  Yogurt is a carb.  How about mixing whey protein into a water bottle and grabbing an apple, for a complete on the go meal?  

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  • Guys. And gals. It's very simple. To have personalized nutrition, everyone should have different macros. And no food is off limits. What matters is. It you hit your totals. Have a look at my breakfast.

    6 egg whites, 2 eggs with sautéed onion (60g) and jalapeño (25g) all scrambled together. 2 thick pieces of applewood bacon. 1 pancake from aunt jemima pancake mix (45g) and aunt jemima butter lite syrup (25 ML).

    49g pro 51g carb 26g fat

  • The BFL program is what people should look to for their information when doing a BFL Challenge, especially their first.  We should follow the program to determine our macros, and that's as simple as taking our scale weight and for each pound, having a gram of protein and a gram of carb during that day, divided by 6 meals.  The simplest thing to do is to first learn the program, "by the book".  If you wish to tweak later then do that, but not before, or you'll never know what is and is not working, if it's this tweak, or that one, or whatever.  Mike Harris advised that if you tweak the program, then you tweak the results. 

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  • Funny how the post asks for non-egg breakfasts and half the suggestions are ggs.  That's because most breakfast foods (pancakes, waffles, cereals, French toast, yogurt, etc) have very little protein.   Cup of yogurt is about 8 grams.  The other breakfasts item have about 5 grams.  Two eggs have 12 grams of protein so if you add some cheese or ham to this plus a glass of milk (8) you'll get close to 30 grams.  Most non-egg breakfasts are very high carbs, not to mention a lot of sugar.  (A typical container of yogurt has more sugar than a glass of soda!)

  • There's cottage cheese and a little fruit.  I like having a shake for meal 1, given that for me, that's post workout.  I don't suggest cheese, as that's not an approved food, other than in the form of cottage cheese.  I don't suggest ham.  There's just better options, though some lean ham from time to time is fine.  Milk... most would say no.  I'm unsure.  I oscillate on this one.  

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