Any awesome breakfast ideas (beyond the recipes provided here)?

  • Calling all cooks!  Does anyone have an awesome, different, and tasty breakfast idea you can share?  The recipes on this site are good - but i'm looking for ideas that branch away from the egg-staple.  I've cruised the web too, but thought it would be cool to hear what BFL'ers like.  Any suggestions and ideas would be very welcome.

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  • I have Eating for Life recipe book and it's awesome. Also check out for some more ideas

  • I have whole wheat toast and a protein shake...  I have been switching it up by skipping ice & adding frozen fruit.  Easy & taste pretty good too.  Scoop of vanilla protien, whole frozen banana was what I tried yesterday and this morning the same, but with about 4-5 frozen strawberries.  Good luck...find what is easiest for you that is good.  I am on my 3rd BFL challenge and morning at my house is busy (3 & 5 yr old).  Also, if I know that I am not getting my veggies... add spinach puree and make a choc. one - looks different, but can't taste a thing...  I got burnt out on eggs on my 1st challenge and only eat them on weekends - cheese omlette.  

  • My favorite these days is from the eating for life cookbook.  I love breakfast sandwiches because they are easy and portable,  I bring my breakfast with me to work every morning.  This is a turkey bacon tomato melt.  Whole wheat english muffin,  thick slice of tomato on both halves, a slice of cheese over each side of tomato,  ( it calls for 2% Kraft singles but I use sargento thin sliced cheese, same calories as the Kraft) and 3 half slices of bacon over each slice of cheese.(. It calls for turkey bacon,  but I use the regular center cut bacon,  less fat, calories, and sodium than turkey bacon!!). Bake it until bubbly,  and YUM!!!!

  • Yummy Tonja and dilly.  I"ll have to try those ... especially the turkey bacon tomato melt and the protein shake with frozen fruit!  Thanks for sharing!

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  • Thank you for these ideas! Anyone have more non-egg-based breakfast ideas??

  • french toast.

    Cover wheat bread with the egg whites and grill with Pam in a fry pan, add sugar free syrup and a couple sprays of "I cant believe it's not butter," and its a tastey breakfast  

  • Cheese and bacon on a breakfast sandwich isn't BFL.  Turkey bacon and lowfat cheese would be better, but if you're trying to get great results, I would suggest saving those for free day.  

  • I'm in total agreement with Dave.  ...Or I should say that it depends on your goals.  If you want to lose a few pounds and get healthier, then the EFL cookbook is just fine.  If you want to rock a challenge and get awesome results, then let dust form on the EFL book, and save it for after your challenge, in maintenance. 

    In the original BFL, never was cheese mentioned, except in the form of cottage cheese.  EFL was written much after BFL, and for the masses, more aligned with Bill's new ventures, which are more like Weight Watchers with mind stuff.  There's nothing wrong with that, so please don't think I'm disparaging.  It's that it's different from the original BFL, which is far more strict, and it's with the original BFL that you'll get awesome results. 

    If you want to rock it, keep to page 84 in BFL, and alike items.  (blueberries aren't listed, for instance, but it's reasonable to deduce they are approved, based on other berries... and I'd argue that calorie for calorie, wild organic blueberries are your best fruit option). 

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  • Chobani Yoghurt is really high in protein, the plain greek set stuff (it doesn't have any added sugars), with few tablespoons of muesli for crunch, add a couple of tablespoons of chopped nuts & some berries--yummo!  This was recommended by my nutritionist as I got to the point where I couldn't face any more eggs!  I love it and have it most days.....or I'll have it without the muesli as my last meal in the evening (kind of feels like I'm having desert!)

  • @pugnutonice - Is that only the plain flavored Chobani, or are the flavored ones still good?  I haven't checked out the nutritional information on those at the store since I have avoided them since my start of the program.

  • SGerig - the flavored Greek yogurts are higher in fat & sugar, so plain is the way to go. I love flavored Greek yogurt and am slowly aquiring a taste to plain!!

  • ChelseaIreland good luck with your challenge!  I saw your profile, because "Ireland" with your name and lucky you are going back there.  I have been there twice and really love it.  Someday will get back to see more of the 40 shades!

  • I know you said no egg...BUT..this is delicious!  Microwave a small/medium potato.  Let cool slightly, cut into cubes (skin on.) In skillet, brown potato cubes in Pam til edges are crunchy, remove from skillet. Brown mushrooms in Pam, then put on top of potatoes.  Add 1/2 tsp. salsa (I used  pineapple/peach salsa.)  Cook 1 egg in Pam (til yolk is just slightly runny,) put on top of potatoes, mushrooms & salsa, breaking yolk.  Add a dash of hot sauce on top of egg.  

  • eggs, mushrooms, potatoes, hot sauce, pineapple peach salsa