Help Please!! Portion sizes etc. Day 11 and only 2 lb weight loss.

  • Hi There.

    I need some help in regards to portion sizes.  I am on Day 11, and have only lost 2 lbs.  I have been following the food menu/ exercise plan very closely and am wondering if maybe I have my portion sizes wrong and maybe need to eat more?

    I have been eating the 6 meals a day, but last 2 days only had 5 meals.

    here are are few of my menus that I have been eating...

    I work night shift, so my breakfast meal starts around 1-3 pm and then every 2-3 hours following eating last meal by 2 am

    Exercise - whatever the day calls for

    Breakfast : 1 C 1% milk, 1 scoop protein Iso ( 102 cal)  handful strawberries/ or 1 slice multigrain bread, 1 egg and 2 egg whites with 1 tbsp ketchup sometimes.  glass of water

    snack; 1 apple, 1 scoop protein powder, 1 C water

    Lunch:  1 Slice multigrain bread, 1 tsp ff mayo, 1 tsp cranberry sauce ( homemade), 3 oz chicken breast, i leaf lettuce and 1 large carrot  glass of water

    snack: same as above, or 1/2 C cottage cheese 1% and handful strawberries

    Supper:  3oz chicken breast, 1/2 C br. rice or( 1/2 baked potato med size) 1-2 Cups veggies - cauliflower/broccoli.  water

    Snack:  same as one of the previous or 1/3 C oatmeal with scoop protein powder and water

    Have drank some peppermint tea and coffee black or with 1 sweetner and one milk in it.

    I think I am averaging around 1200calories... is this too few?  are my portion sizes too small?

    Please help, any info would be much appreciated.  In the book all i saw for portion sizes was the size of  your palm or size of closed fist.  


  • I do drink more water than what i have listed.  I prob drink 6-10, 24 oz glasses of water a day.

  • Hi Jewel,

    Don't fret.  A lot of people don't start to see huge drops in weight until Week 8 and beyond.  Your body is building lean muscle from weight lifting and muscle weighs more than fat so as you replace fat with muscle the scale might not change so much.  When I did my first challenge, things were slow and steady until week 8, then almost every day I'd wake up and feel different.  

    1,200 is the lowest you can safely go on calories to lose weight, but it doesn't take into account the high amount of physical activity you're doing.  If you eat 1,200 calories and do a HIIT where you burn 300 calories, your body is trying to run on 900 calories!    

    All in all, you've lost 2 pounds in under 2 weeks, that's a normal rate of weight loss, so don't be discouraged.  Also don't focus too much on the scale, it can't tell you how much fat you have, only how much your body weighs.  Be patient, give it time!

  • I'm assuming you are a woman - we just have to be more patient! I know, not fair......

    This link really helped me through my last 2 challenges  

    It was hard watching the guys in my forum make amazing transformations, while I was working hard and seeing no progress. But I did lose 20 lbs in those first 2 challenges, now I back for a third.


  • Thanks!  Yes I am female, 29 yrs old, 5ft 9 in, I did this program with my mom about 12 years ago when I was in high school and I know I never weighed myself as wasn't obsessed with it, and I didn't even measure.  I went by clothe sizes and I know that in the 12 weeks I went from a size 18 to a size 10/12 which was the smallest I had been in a long time.  I am now currently in a 18/20 plus pant, weigh 282 lbs... I know it is going to be a journey but I am getting married in August and am hoping to look even better in my dress and that they will have to take it in :). And want a healthy lifestyle so we can start a family.  I have also been running for the first time in 2 yrs after a horrid bout of plantar fasciitis In both feet!  I feel great, already put on a smaller pair of jeans.. :). And am down 3 inches in my waist.  I know there are results if I look beyond the scale, but would be nice to see the 'BIG' number start to show me some respect for the hard work.  It is nice to know that some ladies don't see the huge results till 8 th week, which is brutal, but also gives hope!  Thank you for your support!  I have never lasted this long on my own before, but I am trying to price to myself that all I need is me to push myself.  I do have a great support system too so that helps :)

  • Hi Julie!

    In a few I noticed you might be light on protein, given 1 scoop is often not quite a full portion.  Also, there's too much grain in there, especially given bread is processed.  I know it's convenient.  Maybe make up sweet potatoes ahead and portion out, for a quick heat up and that can be a portion per day?  Change another one to a fruit.  The bread not only might be hurting, but it's not helping, the more important factor.  It's not enough of anything of substance to give you energy and sustain this fitness regimen.  Then your body will have trouble responding, in absence of all it needs. 



    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Jessica.  Do you weigh your portions of potatoes etc or just have 1/2 of medium size potato?   I  am not quite understanding what amounts is a proper portion as with the palm theory, how thick do you go?  Is 1/2 cottage cheese ok or should it be 1 cup?  Should I have 2 scoops protein powder if  I use it? Should I try 6oz meat instead of 3 oz?  I will try week 3 with no bread, although it is convenient for me for lunches to make a sandwich, but I could try making salad instead with cottage cheese on it or meat  with a fruit on the side.  :)

  • Muscle doesn't weigh more than fat.

  • @ Charlie  I was going to argue the point but after thinking about it I will just make the clarification-  a pound of muscle and a pound of fat may weigh the same but muscle is more dense.  So the saying really is talking about by volume.....

  • Dont panic, with the increase in food and water...your body is still adjusting.  You are increasing your food intake, your blood flow has increased , and you are gaining muscle... muscle weighs more than fat....once you have reached day 25 and beyond, you body will become its own fat burning machine...and pounds will decrease as you burn more fat... stick with it...

  • Jewls

    I don't weigh any of my food.  I go by the contents that are known, on the package, I can find on major websites, etc.  For instance, I buy 1 pound of chicken.  I know 4 oz of chicken is about 25g of protein.  I now know that pound is 4 portions for me.  Done.  No weighing.  I trust they did that right when they packaged it.  

    Keep it simple.  You'll do great!  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!