What cereals are good to eat for breakfast?

  • Anybody have any cereal suggestions? Right now I eat Kellogg's complete whole wheat bran flakes with a portion of egg beaters. I'd like to have a few cereals to choose from on the days I do have cereal for breakfast.

  • I don't think there are any BFL "approved" cereals out there, except for old-fashioned cooked oatmeal. I guess if you have to eat processed cereal, possibly Kashi Go-Lean would be a good one as it has a lot of protein.  It still has quite a bit of added sugar though. Technically, we're not supposed to have much milk on BFL either, but I do use it when I prepare my oatmeal and I just count it as part of my carbs.

  • I eat Kashi Go-Lean, with the fiber twigs (dry).  This stuff is da bomb.  Only 140 cals per cup serving, with 14 net grams of carbs and 13 grams of protein, and a gram of fat.  I think it's on of the best cereal's out there.  You get your complex carbs and protein, all in one shot.  Sometimes I'll eat it with vanilla Silk Lite, another great product.

  • Kashi Go-Lean tastes like twigs IMO.  I like oatmeal or shredded wheat.  If you're eating eggs with your cereal, the cereal doesn't have to be loaded with protein too.  Just make sure that whatever cereal you choose has no or is very low in added sugar and has a decent amount of fiber and you'll be fine. :-)

  • I miss cereal, too, but I have it on my free day.  I'll give cereal a go when I get tired of egg whites in the AM.

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  • In a word... none. 

    There really isn't a good cereal option, even amongst Kashi.  Go with something like steel cut oats, which are even better than whole Quaker oats.  Have a protein shake, given this is just post workout for most.  Have an omelets with sweet potato on the side. 

    Try and eliminate the processed options and you'll find such an increase in energy and mood. 

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