Help! Protein Powders?

  • Bare with me, I am new at this Forum stuff..

    In June 2012 I started working out 5 days a week with a trainer. Cardio and Strength training. I have made great strides and am proud of the muscle I have built..

    I would like to build more muscle and have tried several whey protein powders. Right now I am taking the Amplified Wheybolic Extreme by GNC.

    My problem and question:

    Why do all of these protein powders give me such bloat and gas? Is this stuff I'm currently taking junk? What do I need?

    I mix it with Silk and typically use 70g of protein (3 scoops) in 1 drink and get the rest (70 g) of protein from other foods.

    I have read up on some of this and have gathered that I may need to be taking Protein Isolates?

    Magnum Nutraceuticals Quattro is one that I read decent reviews on.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Advice?

  • You could be allergic or slightly allergic to the whey, and/or 3 scoops sounds like alot to me for one shake! The bloating is suspicious for an allergy to something in the powder IMO.

    70g in one shake seems really high but I realize you are doing 3 scoops. I would check w/your doc to be safe but that could be overload in one meal, and your body is saying "NO!"

    I use either Spirutein protein powder, or I LOVE Shakeology which is a Beachbody product. The chocolate is amazing and has all kinds of other good nutrients. I often do 1/2 pre-weights workout, and the other 1/2 I save for a post workout snack to get the extra protein in right after a strength workout. You can find Shakeology online, Ebay, etc. I find keeping BFL simple is best. I had great success with the 12 week program simply using Myoplex shakes or Spirutein shakes as a "meal" each day (or two if I needed) - no other supplements. And they were 21g of protein I think?? I am using only Shakeology now and it's 18 g for a whole scoop and contains amazing nutrients like gogi berries, acai, etc. I feel GREAT on it. Hope this helps and good luck.

  • I agree with tpup.  I take two scoops of body fortress whey powder almost daily (56 gr) and do feel the same bloat.  Perhaps you should break it up into two or three servings.  You are hitting your system with 450 cal at one time of almost all protein to break down.  Your meals should be small servings of <300 cal.

    Hope this helps,